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{{Infobox Officeholder
{{Infobox Officeholder
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| founding_date      = {{Start date and age|2019|02|18|df=y|p=y|br=yes}}
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| imagesize          = 150px

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Jyskmark Flag.svg
16th Speaker of the Union
In office
27 May 2020 – 19 October 2020
DelegateKoiho, Helvurium
Preceded byRamelia
Succeeded byCourelli
22nd Minister of Immigration
In office
6 August 2019 – 24 November 2019
Preceded byKoiho
Succeeded byCourelli
Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs
In office
25 November 2019 – 27 May 2020
MinisterHelvurium, North American Republics
Preceded byRamelia
Succeeded byToonela
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
21 January 2021 – 4 March 2021
DelegateHelvurium, Courelli
Preceded byHarndon
Succeeded byAeoa
Member of the Law Commission
In office
21 May 2019 – 6 August 2019
Nominated byDelegate Goncar
Preceded byPaschimbanga
Succeeded byFantasma Izquierdo
Attorney General
In office
28 July 2019 – 6 August 2019
Appointed byRamelia
DelegateGoncar, Courelli
Preceded byKanoria
Succeeded byAnaaxes
Nation details
Founded18 February 2019 CE
(3 years ago)


Jysk politics revolve around the country's unicameral legislature, the Folketing, to which 1,000 members are elected for a 4-year term. The Folketing uses proportional representation, though parties must have at least 3% of votes in order to be allocated seats.

The 37th Folketing

The 37th Folketing was elected by the General Election of 20th October 2018, meaning the next election is scheduled for 22nd October 2022.

Number of Jyskere on the electoral register Number of votes cast Turnout
194,544,098 164,114,603 84.4%
Party Votes Percentage
Jysk Socialist Party 39,201,948 votes 23.9%
Conservative Party 31,820,685 votes 19.4%
Green Party 26,097,013 votes 15.9%
Democratic Party 21,053,018 votes 12.8%
Fremskridt (Progress) 19,526,491 votes 11.9%
Jyskere First 9,127,090 votes 5.6%
Communist Party 6,390,228 votes 3.9%
International Party 5,003,729 votes 3.1%
Pirate Party 3,480,651 votes 2.1%
Church Congress 2,413,750 votes 1.5%

Government Coalition - 537 seats. Jysk Socialist Party - 248 seats. Green Party - 165 seats. Fremskridt - 124 seats.

Formal Opposition Coalition - 335 seats. Conservative Party - 202 seats. Democratic Party - 133 seats.

Other Parties - 128 seats. Jyskere First - 57 seats. Communist Party of Jyskmark - 40 seats. International Party - 31 seats.


The Jysk government is usually coalition-based, with the largest party in the Folketing being asked to form a government after each election by the President of Jyskmark. The President of Jyskmark, who serves as head of state of the Democratic Republic of Jyskmark, is a largely ceremonial office elected by a special convocation of the Folketing for a four-year term with the last Presidential Convocation having met on 22nd October 2016. Day-to-day running of government and executive power is left to the Chancellor of Jyskmark, an office filled by the leader of the governing coalition.

Current Cabinet of the Government

Office Officeholder Party
President Hanne Kjær Socialist
Chancellor Kasper Henriksen Socialist
Office Officeholder Party
Foreign Minister Gustav Toft Green
Interior Minister Benedikte Strøm Fremskridt
Finance Minister Ulrike Eriksen Socialist
Defense Minister Torsten Hviid Socialist
Justice Minister Lene Aagesen Green
Labour Minister Frederik Dahl Socialist
Education Minister Stine Ejstrup Fremskridt
Health Minister Mikkel Hansen Socialist
Transport Minister Søren Holt Green
Culture Minister Christina Skov Fremskridt
Science and Energy Minister Agnethe Lindegaard Green