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Goncar Flag.jpg
14th World Assembly Delegate
In office
24 November 2018 – 22 July 2019
Preceded byNorth American Republics
Succeeded byCourelli
4th, 7th, 15th, and 20th
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
30 March 2014 – 6 June 2014
Preceded byKanoria
Succeeded byAnaaxes
In office
26 March 2015 – 13 April 2015
Preceded byNorthern Inertia
Succeeded byKanoria
In office
7 November 2017 – 24 November 2018
DelegateCourelli, North American Republics
Preceded byFreeland Newworldia
Succeeded byOmerica
Assumed office
6 August 2019
Preceded byAnaaxes
2nd Minister of Defence
In office
27 August 2012 – 23 November 2012
DelegateMillyland, Grolsch
Preceded byMillyland
Succeeded byBonaria
Nation details
Founded6 July 2011
(9 years ago)
AwardsAvaerilonian Order of Merit