Erynia and Draconia

Erynia and Draconia
Erynia Flag.png
28th Minister of Immigration
Assumed office
21 June 2021
DelegateBrys Questions
Preceded byKoiho
Ambassador to The Union of Democratic States
Assumed office
14 April 2021
DelegateCourelli, Brys Questions
Nation details
Founded10 November 2017
(3 years ago)
Democratic States of Erynia and Draconia

Städen Démograden Erynia ed Draconia
Motto: "Pax, libyre, ed ègālya" (Ravellian)
"Peace, freedom, and equality" (Gibberish)
Anthem: TBA
Location of Erynia and Draconia on Miyana
Location of Erynia and Draconia on Miyana
Largest cityScarelya
Official languagesRavellian, Gibberish
47% Irreligious, 34% Érdinæsm, 19% Other
Demonym(s)Eryconian, Erynian and Draconian
GovernmentFederal semi-presidential republic
• President
Lukas Daniels
• Prime Minister
Léslye Smydt
LegislatureFederal Congress
National Assembly
• Erynia and Draconia unite
• Democratic States established
• Current constitution
• Total
1,441,828.877 sq mi (3,734,319.65 km2)
• 2020 census
• Density
136.04464658/sq mi (52.5/km2)
Gini (2020)Negative increase 26.3
HDI (2020)Increase 0.937
very high
CurrencyEryconian Dollar (ERD)
Time zoneMIT+2 (Eryconian Standard Time)
Driving sideright
Calling code+192
Country codeEAD
Internet TLD.edr

Erynia and Draconia (Ravellian: Erynia ed Draconia), officially the Democratic States of Erynia and Draconia (Ravellian: Dæ Städen Démograden Erynia ed Draconia), is a country that is located on the continent Erede on the planet Miyana. It borders the Gulf of Erynia (part of the greater Asawagi ocean) to the west, the Venirian Mountains to the north, and the Asortain Mountains to the east. The nation has a population of 196,153,100 and a land area of 1,441,828.877 mi2. The most widely spoken language is Ravellian, with 78% of the population speaking it as a first language. Erynia and Draconia is a relatively linguistically diverse nation, with several dialects of Ravellian being spoken throughout the country.

The current president is Lukas Daniels and the Prime Minister is Lèslye Smydt. The legislative bodies, the National Assembly and the Senate, meet in the capital and second largest city, Erynsitte. The country's motto is "Pax, libyre, ed ègālya", meaning "Peace, freedom, and equality".

Since 1965, Erynia and Draconia has been a member of the Social Liberal Union (SLU), an international organization committed to fostering peace and prosperity across Miyana. It is also a founding member of the Alliance of Eredean States (AES).


The nation name "Erynia and Draconia" dates back to ancient times. "Erynia" is thought to have originated from the "Great Protector Aranys", a revered ruler of a conglomeration of cities in the ancient era. "Aranys" eventually became "Erynes", which became the name of an ancient kingdom. "Erynes" evolved to become "Erynia", the name of a long lasting kingdom that merged into the Kingdom of Draconia in 1869. In Ravellian, the suffix "-ia" denotes a land, society, kingdom, or realm. "Draconia" comes from the name "Dàrgoni", the family name of the first dynasty to rule the Kingdom of Draconia. "Dàrgonia" (Dàrgoni with the -ia root added on) eventually transitioned to "Draconia".


Erynia and Draconia was first inhabited by nomads from south of the Ravellian Plain in central Erede. Throughout history, kingdoms came and went and society progressed. For almost all of the region's history the land was not united, but under many separate kingdoms. The land finally unified in 1869 under the Union of Erynia and Draconia. The monarchy was abolished in 1956 and the Democratic States of Erynia and Draconia, a federation of 12 autonomous states under one democratic government and constitution, was established. The current constitution came into effect on 29 January 1995.


Erynia and Draconia is a federal semi-presidential republic. Its head of state is the president, currently Lukas Daniels. The President is elected directly by the people. The head of government is Leslye Smydt, who is elected by the National Assembly, the lower house of the legislature. The country's bicameral legislature is called the Federal Congress, and is composed of two chambers: the National Assembly and the Senate. The judicial branch is made up of the Federal Courts.

Erynia and Draconia is a federation of 12 states who have a significant amount of autonomy. Each state has its own legislature and chancellor.


State map of Erynia and Draconia

Erynia and Draconia's territory is located near the center of the supercontinent Erede on the planet Miyana. It borders the Gulf of Erynia, part of the larger Asawagi Ocean, to its west; the Asortain Mountains to its east; and the Venirian mountains to the north. The nation occupies a large stretch of relatively flat land called the Ravellian Plain. Several rivers run through the Ravellian Plain such as the Dracon River, Cylin River, and Erbyn River.


Most of the nation has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa), with some regions having a humid continental (Dfa/Dfb), oceanic (Cfb), and Subarctic (Dfc) climates. Some places at extremely high elevation in the Venirian Mountains have a tundra (ET) climate. Erynia and Draconia receives a significant amount of rainfall, especially in the mountains. Its fertile soil and temperate climate has made Erynia and Draconia a perfect place for human civilization, and is thus a highly populated nation.

Administrative divisions

The nation is split into 12 self-governing states: Cylin, Ästerdraconia, Äster Erynia, Erbyn, Erynsitte, Kentien, Nove Portlände, Nourte Erynia, Nourteton, Ryvenn, Teryngia, and Wæstyrdraconia. The 12 states (Ravellian: Städen) are divided into "areas" (Ravellian: Äraén), which are further divided into municipalities (Ravellian: Comùnen).

Major cities

Map of Erynia and Draconia's major cities

Erynia and Draconia’s largest city by metropolitan area is Scarelya, Wæstyrdraconia; followed by Erynsitte, Erynsitte.


Erynia and Draconia's currency is the Eryconian Dollar (Ravellian: Dollare Eryconiy). The nation has a large and very strong economy, and trades with many nearby SLU nations such as Prplia and Koiho. Its economy is diversified and the service sector is prominent. Erynia and Draconia has a mixed economy, with significant regulations on industry to protect workers and the environment. Taxes are high and fund a comprehensive welfare system and some of the best universal healthcare in the Social Liberal Union.


Information technology is a major industry of Erynia and Draconia. The country exports a significant amount of computer parts and software.


Agriculture is not a prominent faction of the Eryconian economy, but the nation has a good deal of arable land. Much of the Ravellian Plain is ideal for agriculture, especially maize, soybeans, wheat, and rice.


Erynia and Draconia is one of the top tourist destinations in the Social Liberal Union due to the country's rich culture and history and its beautiful environment.

Popular tourist activities include: Cycling, going to the beach, skiing in the Vernirian and Asortain Mountains, visiting historical landmarks, hiking in national parks, eating the wide variety of food the country has to offer.


A significant portion of Erynia and Draconia's energy comes from renewable energy, especially hydroelectric and wind. The nation also relies on nuclear energy. Compared to other nations on Miyana, the nation does not use a large amount of fossil fuels. Recently, the government has tried to cut Erynia and Draconia's reliance on fossil fuels even more.



Foreign Affairs

Social Liberal Union

Erynia and Draconia has been a member state of the Social Liberal Union since 1965, two years after its founding. The Eryconian general public elects two delegates to represent the nation in the Union Convocation, the organization's legislative body. Additionally, President Lukas Daniels holds a seat on the SLU Council of Leaders.

World Assembly

Erynia and Draconia is a member of the World Assembly, generally holding pro-general assembly and pro-security council views. The nation's votes on WA resolutions are usually decided via referenda.

Alliance of Eredean States

The Alliance of Eredean States, or AES, is an organization founded in 1993. Erynia and Draconia was one of the founding nations along with (insert nations). Its goal is to promote Eredean interests and prevent war on the supercontinent.

Diplomatic relations

Erynia and Draconia has diplomatic relations with many SLU nations.

Relations with Prplia: Embassies opened with Prplia in 1870, making it the longest lasting embassy that still stands today. Relations between the two countries are excellent; some consider Prplia to be Erynia and Draconia's greatest ally.

Relations with Courelli: Courelli and Erynia and Draconia have had mostly cordial relations throughout history, especially recently. Embassies opened between the two nations in (year). Both are founding members of the Alliance of Eredean States. The two nations are for the most part politically aligned, both being social democratic liberal democracies.

Relations with Kanoria: Embassies opened with Kanoria in 1964, and relations have been positive between the two nations.

Relations with Hirematia: TBA TBA

Relations with Toonela: Embassies with Toonela opened in 2020.