Cultural Heritage Establishment Act

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An Act to establish annual holidays observed by the entire Social Liberal Union as a means to promote and preserve regional history and culture.

Cultural Heritage Establishment Act
CitationProposed A-41
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced on8 January 2021
Introduced byAeoa
Required majoritySimple majority
Status: Pending

Article 1. Dates, Names, and Official Definitions

Section 1. This Act, in recognition of previously established regional holidays which may no longer be officially celebrated, hereby establishes the following days as official holidays of The Social Liberal Union:

Clause 1. 26 March as Union Day - This annual holiday marks the merging of The Union of Democratic Leftist States into The Social Liberal Union.

Clause 2. 1 May as May Day - This annual holiday is an international day of protest on behalf of, and in celebration of, the workers of the world, with particular emphasis on the ideologies that serve and liberate them.

Clause 3. 20 May as Constitution Day - This annual holiday celebrates The Social Liberal Union adopting the Third Constitution of the Social Liberal Union.

Clause 4. 7 October as Subjugation Day - This annual holiday is to remember the Invasion of October 2016, as well as the region’s resistance to it, the aid received from our allies, and the new guarantees of freedom that arose from the invasion.

Clause 5. 14 December as Liberation Day - This annual holiday is to remember the emigration of refugee nations to The Social Liberal Union following the December 2020 Coup d’Etat. The survival of the region and its ideals are celebrated, and the nations who led the region through the event are honored.

Article 2. Responsibility

Section 1. This Act maintains that the primary responsibilities related to the continuation and celebration of these holidays are that of the Minister of Domestic Affairs, unless otherwise stipulated by the Minister or regional law.

Section 2. Celebrations of an official holiday, if any at all, remain at the discretion of the Minister of Domestic Affairs, unless otherwise stipulated by the Minister or regional law.