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The 15th World Assembly Delegate, Courelli, made the following farewell address to the region, following the election of Koiho as Delegate on 10 November 2019.

Greetings all,
I hope this message finds you well. Today, my term as Delegate reaches its end, and a new Delegate takes office. Later in this message, I'll give some directions to help coordinate a smooth transition of power, but first, I'd like to say a few words.
The SLU is a unique region - although in saying this I recognize I may be a little biased. Our long history of legalism and dedication to detail has manifested in a robust legal system, which at its head sits our Constitution. It is, to my knowledge, one of the longest constitutions in all of NationStates, and standing at 9,181 words, it is longer than the United States Constitution, including all 27 of its amendments. We currently have 12 Acts and 12 Resolutions in effect, which regulate a great number of things: from establishing the official regional snack, to clearly delineating our procedure in the unfortunate event that we are raided.
All of the above is good, but, to be completely honest, none of that is why I'm here. I'm not here for the laws, no matter how much I enjoy nitpicking Ramelia's bills (in good faith, of course). I'm not here for the roleplay, even though I thoroughly enjoy writing passive-aggressive letters from the Courellian Secretary of State. I'm not even here for the Croissant vs Bagel discourse (although I side firmly with croissant).
I'm here because you all have formed a wonderful, healthy, thriving community. Our community has become one of the few places I feel comfortable expressing myself, whether talking about my political worldview or the intricacies of a volcanic tube worm society. It warms my heart daily knowing that we have created a place where so many people feel safe and supported, regardless of what's going on in their lives outside of this game. I'm also proud that we've created an environment where all ideas can be challenged freely on their merits, and, true to our founding principles, a spirit of robust debate and discussion is flourishing in our community. Finally, I'm proud that we have all found this place where we can grow together and learn from one another. In the world today, so few spaces remain that can facilitate community growth and common mentorship; it says a lot about our community that we have created a space for that here, on our little corner of the internet.
So, I want to leave you with this: Stay true to who you are, SLU. Never get so caught up in the petty politics and procedures of this button-clicking browser game that you neglect the common humanity of those who, for however brief a time, have chosen to spend this moment here -- with you, with us. Similarly, never neglect yourself and your needs! If you feel something, say it; if you don't understand, ask; if you disagree, challenge it; if you need time to yourself, take it without hesitation.
Now, let's get down to business:
If you are a member of the World Assembly, please endorse the duly-elected 16th Delegate of the SLU, Koiho. If you already have, thanks so much!
If you are NOT a member of the World Assembly, I'd strongly encourage you to join! WA membership is a requirement for becoming a Member State - our term for "citizen" - and joining the WA increases both our security and our power in the World Assembly.
If you got this far, thanks for reading! I really appreciate it. Please know that, even though I will no longer be your Delegate, I'll still be around and available if you need someone to talk to - you can telegram me here, or message me on Discord. Regardless, I look forward to spending the next months - or years - with you all.
Until the next time,
Best regards to you all,
12th & 15th World Assembly Delegate
Social Liberal Union