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The 12th World Assembly Delegate, Courelli, made the following farewell address to the region, following the election of North American Republics as Delegate on 15 July 2018.

Good morning, or evening, or afternoon, or whatever time of day it may be where you are. The time may seem insignificant or unimportant for you all, but it is a special and unique time for me, personally. Today, I address you for the last time as your Delegate.
The past several days, and the days to come, have been and will certainly continue to be a period of deep self-reflection for me. I have dedicated the past eight months of my life in service to our Union, and, because of it all – both the good times and the bad, the successes and many failures –, have come out better because of it.
I am proud, of course, of the achievements and progress I and my government have led and overseen. Compared to this time last year, we have a more active, more engaged, and more visible community that embraces all people in common brotherhood and good faith. We have tackled issues and overcome obstacles which, for many others, may not have been as well resolved – this fact speaks to the quality and character of you all, who make our region what it is today. And, of course, we have no shortage of cookies. (::)
But the greatest thing that I believe has come out of my Delegacy is not material. It is not a personal success or a great triumph. It is more valuable. In the past months, I have received far more from you all than you have received from me – friendship when I was lonely, advice when I was confused, reassurance when I was doubtful, well-wishes when I was successful, and sometimes – when necessary – a reality check when I was stubborn, unreasonable, or overly-proud.
These things have served me well. Thank you, sincerely. Your companionship has helped me grow, both as a government official, but also – most importantly – as a person. For this, I am forever grateful.
Many people have, in recent days, inquired about my plans for the future. The answer at the moment is: I know not what the future holds. I suppose I’ll cross that bridge when it gets here. For now, however, it is my solemn duty to ensure a stable and democratic transition of power. As such, I offer my warmest congratulations to the 13th World Assembly Delegate of the Social Liberal Union, North American Republics. Your experience and commitment to our Union is a testament to your character, and your principled approach to governance will surely take our region far in the days and months to come. I wish you the best, both as a Delegate and as a friend.
On a related note, I humbly request that all nations endorse the new Delegate, and remove your endorsement from any nation that stands between the Delegate and myself – at present, Freeland Newworldia.
Now that my last act of housekeeping is complete, I will bid you all farewell. Thank you for allowing me to serve in this position, and for placing your collective trust in me to watch over our region for this short amount of time. It was an honor.
Best regards to you all,
12th World Assembly Delegate of the Social Liberal Union