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Call for Parliamentary Cleanup Resolution

North American Republics, seconded by Ceni, moves that in the opinion of this parliament,

  • the Open Parliament has been in a state of disarray requiring organization
  • the Speaker of the Union is responsible for the cleanup of the bureaucratic mess
  • the Speaker of the Union should reorganize the paperwork within the Open Parliament discussion section such that:
Call for Parliamentary Cleanup Resolution
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted11 December 2013
Legislative history
Introduced on30 November 2013
Introduced byNorth American Republics
Voting began4 December 2013
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results8 Yea, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Repealing legislation
Status: Repealed

To express angst about the disarray in Open Parliament bureaucracy.[2]

  • the "Parliamentary Approval for..." titled paperwork be filed under the delegate election paperwork (located: here)
  • submissions older than a month with no active discussion be moved to the "Members-Only Archive"
  • paperwork discussing amendments should be retitled with their correct bill number as is not the case with the so-called "Amendment 9"
  • the Speaker of the Union should further add references (links) to the various amendments to the list of articles of the Constitution of the Social Liberal Union