Voting Regulation Act

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Voting Regulation Act
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted17 January 2012
Date repealed22 August 2012
Legislative history
Introduced on18 December 2011
Introduced byAzerzia
Voting began4 January 2012
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results10 Yea, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Repealing legislation
Second Constitution
Status: Repealed

To regulate votes for bills and current and future positions in the Social Liberal Union (SLU)[2]

Section 1: Understanding restrictions placed on elections and voting in the Constitution of the Social Liberal Union [SLU] and by tradition:

1.1. This Act acknowledges that voting on bills may extend from twenty-four hours to one month.
1.2. This Act further acknowledges that tradition has it that votes for bills take place over the course of a few weeks.
1.3. This Act notes that no regulation is in place for elections in the Constitution as to length and time periods before, and this is only regulated by tradition.

Section 2: To regulate the aspects of bill voting:

2.1. All end dates for voting must be announced.
2.2. Under regular circumstances, regular bills will be voted on between one and two weeks, at the discretion of the World Assembly (WA) Delegate.
2.3. In emergency cases where, for reasons of inactivity or possible treason, an executive order cannot be passed, voting on bills may be shorter than one week but longer than one day, at the discretion of the WA Delegate.
2.4. In cases of prolonged but temporary inactivity do to major events, such as holidays, which will be longer than the normal voting period of one to two weeks, any time length longer than that but within one month is allowed for regular bills.
2.5. In voting on alliances or amendments, voting should take place from two to three weeks, at the discretion of the WA Delegate.

Section 3: In electoral voting and campaigns

3.1. In elections on the regular schedule for WA Delegate:
3.1.1. voting takes place for one week and ends two days before the end of the term of the current WA Delegate.
3.1.2. campaigning starts two weeks before the end of the voting and continues throughout the election process
3.2. In elections not on the regular schedule for WA Delegate, whether by removal, resignation or the inability for an election to be held:
3.2.1. voting is shortened to three days and the winner takes office immediately after the vote ends.
3.2.2. campaigning may begin as soon as the event which forced the irregular election to occur happens.
3.3. In elections for Speaker of the Union:
3.3.1. voting takes place for one week and ends the day before the end of the term of the current Speaker of the Union.
3.3.2. nominations may start two weeks before the end of voting. Campaigning may start immediately after accepting the nomination.
3.4. In the event that the voting for an election would take place during a prolonged, but temporary, period of activity longer than one week:
3.4.1 the election administrator will make the election occur earlier by up to two weeks. This would not effect the length of the current term.
3.4.2 Campaigning or nominating may be shortened but must be at least four days.
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