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The Commune of
Ramelia Flag.svg
11th and 15th
Speaker of the Union[1]
In office
27 February 2017 – 7 August 2017
DelegateMons Garle, Austerain
Preceded byNorth American Republics (Interim)
Lawattsia (Elected)
Succeeded byAnaaxes (Elected)
Kanoria (Acting)
In office
6 August 2019 – 27 May 2020
Preceded byCourelli (Elected)
Helvurium (Acting)
Succeeded byJyskmark
20th Minister of Domestic Affairs
In office
17 April 2019 – 6 August 2019
DelegateGoncar, Courelli
DeputyNorth American Republics
Preceded byNorth American Republics
Succeeded byHelvurium
Member of the Law Commission
In office
7 November 2018 – 27 March 2019
16 April 2019 – 17 April 2019
Nominated byVice Chair Anaaxes
Vice Chair Hirematia
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byAnaaxes
Attorney General
In office
12 December 2018 – 17 April 2019
Appointed byNorth American Republics
Preceded byKanoria
Succeeded byKanoria
Member of the Bar
Assumed office
20 July 2019
Nation details
Founded6 April 2018
(2 years ago)

The Commune of Ramelia, generally known as Ramelia, is a democratic constitutional federal republic in the Social Liberal Union. It is composed of 24 Republics—equivalent to provinces, with some degree of sovereignty—and is home to approximately 330 million people. It is spread across thousands of kilometers, and contains two major islands, two peninsulas of major landmasses, and several small islands.



Convention at the Anodvera Delta begins
536 CE
Anodvera Delta Assembly
Assembler ??? Lomadtiae 536 CE – ??? Anodvera Delta Assembly
Assembler ??? Tsopaliae  ??? – 583 CE Anodvera Delta Assembly
Dremtihn Anodiou signed; construction of Anodium begins
583 CE
Confederation of the Dremtihn Anodiou
Confederation Congress cedes power to Alihsu Giwernav and adjourns, starting Anodiumiae Civil War
942 CE
Alihsu Giwernav triumphs, declares official policy of conquest against northern Iamasio
957 CE
Federation of the Seftihn Giwernav
Giwernavs assassinated; Federation Congress loosely remains in lieu of monarchy
1206 CE
Federation Congress (Unofficial)
Federation Congress finally ratifies Dremtihn Rameliou
1268 CEc
Federation of the Dremtihn Rameliou
Thualiwelre Empire declares war on the Federation; Izhiamthai Rameliou negotiated and ratified to win war
1327 CE
Rameliae Federal Republic
Kiouh Trierazh burns Federation Congress, instating Trierazh dynasty
1801 CE
Rameliae Empire
State Congress proclaimed to select new monarchs after uprising against Emperor Lewei Trierazh
1862 CE
Emperor Emmanuel Arymous assassinates Speaker Olivia Guatam; State Congress and monarchy replaced with democratic but weak General Congress
2000 CE
Second Republic of Ramelia
Acting Speaker Senabe Uenga Republican Unity 6 July 2000 – 1 February 2001 Ramelia Republican Flag.svg Second Republic of Ramelia
Speaker Kivod Opwezh Citizens' 1 February 2001 – 1 February 2006 Ramelia Republican Flag.svg Second Republic of Ramelia
Speaker Anna Marion Federationist 1 February 2006 – 17 January 2011 Ramelia Republican Flag.svg Second Republic of Ramelia
Anna Marion's weak government loses congressional confidence vote; Constitutional Convention called; Commune established
2011 CE
Commune of Ramelia
Speaker Abdin Inara Libertarian 18 December 2011 – 25 December 2017 Ramelia Flag.svg Commune of Ramelia
Speaker Naiyir Merihk Libertarian 25 December 2017 — 25 September 2019 Ramelia Flag.svg Commune of Ramelia
Speaker Vuiein Gelab People's Liberty & Liberation 25 September 2019 – Present Ramelia Flag.svg Commune of Ramelia


Preconfederal Era (0 – 536 CE)

Inception of the Dremthai Anodiou (536 – 583)

First Confederal Era (583 – 942)

Anodiumiae Civil War (942 – 957)

Early Giwernav Dynasty and Northern Conquest (957 – 1089)

The Iamasio Peace (1089 – 1171)

The Great Famine (1171 – 1215)

Prerameliou Era (1206 – 1268)

Dremthai Rameliou Era (1268 – 1327)

The Izhiamthai Rameliou and War with Thualihwelre (1327 – 1339)

Grand Federal Era (1339 – 1513)

The Early Republic and Population Explosion (1513 – 1624)

Industrialization and Urbanization (1624 – 1692)

Legislative Government

Constituents' Congress

The Constituents' Congress is the national legislature of Ramelia. It is composed of 825 Constituent Representatives, 824 of whom are elected in 103 eight-member constituencies and one of whom is the Speaker, elected as the "Constituent Representative for the Commune At-large."

Origin and Precursors




Ramelia Constituents Congress.svg

Party Ideology Leader Constituents' Congress seats
Government Coalition 489
People's Liberty
and Liberation
Far Left Cona Yuemél
Deputy Speaker
First Official Opposition 157
Citizens' Center to Right Remche Yutram
First Shadow Deputy Speaker
Second Official Opposition 134
Students' Left (Nationalistic) Beruwe Bajihn
Second Shadow Deputy Speaker
Greens Environmentalist (Left) Wekib Veiluni
Federationists Left to Center-Left Yuni Tabdral
Other Minorities 45
Confederationists Single issue
Reinstating confederal government
Jaimei Fentor
Nonpartisans Various None

Republican and Local Legislatures

Republican Assemblies

City Councils

Executive Government

Administration of the Commune

Leadership, Powers, and Development


Republican and Local Executives



Judicial Government

Superrepublican Courts

Superior Court

The Superior Court and its Justices assemble in two forms: the Supreme Court of the Commune and the Constitutional Court of the Federation.

Superrepublican Appellate System

Federal Trial System

Inferior Courts

Republican Courts

Republican Appellate System

Republican Trial System

Inferior Courts

Demographics and Geography


Ramelia Map.png
Republic Abbreviation Population (2010) Capital City
Anjawrae AR 10,018,287 Grauaeoh
Anodia AD 64,704,183 Anodium
Bayirwal BW 9,336,983 Kauwul
Cherodze CZ 8,217,580 Hyalerdzi
Dazivofwal DW 28,306,627 Uprazheshwul
Emerozhia EZ 8,682,280 Wherelium
Ghodze GZ 10,864,979 Kuabdzi
Guatamia GT 4,692,663 Oliviagium
Iostdze IZ 8,707,923 Plareidzi
Iyublewal IW 8,453,275 Krewuvliwul
Jauntrae JT 13,552,445 Farwohlaeoh
Lomadtia LM 16,273,549 Zarashium
Mrijia MR 6,329,537 Okailium
Nazsepia NZ 21,483,467 Deleruldzi
Oiredze OZ 6,792,183 Bargahodzi
Omingruwal OW 9,944,061 Ihrenwul
Puegwal PW 9,011,318 Vozailwul
Ramelium RA 9,531,434 Ramelium
Tsogauia TG 9,839,648 Osalzium
Tsopalia TP 10,491,302 Meraislium
Vwapia VP 9,338,806 Piotsamium
Wukaijae WK 13,514,421 Ukiyaeoh
Yzaltridia YL 21,279,152 Raliyudzium
Ygauia YG 7,097,221 Umaonowium

Major Cities

City Republic Population (2010) Status % of Republic
Anodium Anodia 64,704,183 Joint government with Republic 100%
Uprazheshwul Dazivofwal 17,023,917 Republic Capital 60%
Ramelium Ramelium 9,531,434 Joint government with Republic
National Capital
Deleruldzi Nazsepia 8,176,234 Republic Capital 38%
Raliyudzium Yzaltridia 8,027,913 Republic Capital 38%
Farwohlaeoh Jauntrae 7,331,927 Republic Capital 54%
Zarashium Lomadtia 6,904,471 Republic Capital 42%
Piotsamium Vwapia 6,753,296 Republic Capital 72%
Fredzwul Omingruwal 6,309,183 Major City 63%
Ukiyaeoh Wukaijae 5,963,295 Republic Capital 44%
Ozhoienodzi Nazsepia 5,043,583 Major City 23%
Bargahodzi Oiredze 4,591,823 Republic Capital 68%
Meraislium Tsopalia 3,812,964 Republic Capital 36%
Grauaeoh Anjawrae 3,326,562 Republic Capital 33%
Kuabdzi Ghodze 2,963,059 Republic Capital 27%
Olivigium Guatamia 2,701,374 Republic Capital 58%
Franeljemwul Iyublewal 2,474,934 Major City 29%
Osalzium Tsogauia 2,235,871 Republic Capital 23%
Crezhenlidzi Nazsepia 2,194,713 Major City 10%
Verimnium Tsogauia 2,008,953 Major City 20%



Political offices
Preceded by
North American Republics (Interim)
Lawattsia (Elected)
11th Speaker of the Union
As Odd Republic
27 February 2017 – 7 August 2017
Succeeded by
Anaaxes (Elected)
Kanoria (Acting)
Preceded by
North American Republics
20th Minister of Domestic Affairs
17 April 2019 – 6 August 2019
Served alongside: North American Republics
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Courelli (Elected)
Helvurium (Acting)
15th Speaker of the Union
6 August 2019 – 27 May 2020
Succeeded by
Legal offices
Preceded by
Attorney General
12 December 2018 – 17 April 2019
Succeeded by
First Member of the Law Commission
Appointed by Vice Chairs Anaaxes and Hirematia
7 November 2018 – 27 March 2019
16 April 2019 – 17 April 2019
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Succeeded by
New title Member of the Bar
20 July 2019 – Present
Diplomatic posts
Preceded by
Ambassador to The Versutian Federation
10 May 2018 – 16 July 2018
12 December 2018 – 12 May 2019
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Office abolished
Preceded by
Ambassador to The Communist Bloc
6 August 2019 – 6 April 2020
Succeeded by
  1. 11th Speakership was served as Odd Republic