T-7 Ratification Resolution

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T-7 Ratification Resolution
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted23 May 2020
Legislative history
Introduced on11 May 2020
Introduced byRamelia
Brys Questions
Federalized States
North American Republics
Voting began16 May 2020
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results19 Yea, 1 Nay, 0 Abstain
Related legislation
On the Accession of the Social Liberal Union into the NSLeft (2020)
Status: Passed

WHEREAS, it is the opinion of the Open Parliament that the Social Liberal Union ought pursue relations with both regions and interregional organizations that exemplify our core tenants of equality and dignity for all people;

AND WHEREAS, the Social Liberal Union already maintains friendly relations and frequently embassies with regions that hold membership in the NSLeft;

AND WHEREAS, the Open Parliament forcefully opposes fascism and hateful ideologies of similar ilk and seeks the prosperity of like-minded regions to our own;

AND WHEREAS, the NSLeft is a forum for discussion, activity, and coordination among left-wing regions;

AND WHEREAS, the Open Parliament wishes to seek admission to and membership in the NSLeft, and agrees with the aims and Solidarity Pact thereof;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Open Parliament of the Social Liberal Union assents to ratification of the 2020 treaty On the Accession of the Social Liberal Union into the NSLeft, subject to the internal admission process thereof, effective immediately.