Statement on Coup and Regional Continuity

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Dear all,

The elected government of the Social Liberal Union has been overthrown by our founder Ainland, who launched a coup after years of inactivity. He does so after a week of attacks against our government and regional values, attacking multiple members for personal or ideological differences, and even founding a new region and then deceitfully promising to move on.

The legitimate Social Liberal Union is now located in the region of The Social Liberal Union, our legally designated backup region since 2015.

It is a sad day for our region’s proud history of regional democratic engagement and constitutional norms, all violated by the one individual who was originally meant to uphold them.

We hope to come back stronger than before, and continue to grow as a cornerstone of NationStates democracy.


Helvurium, Delegate of the Social Liberal Union

Courelli, Speaker of the Social Liberal Union

Ramelia, Chancellor of the Social Liberal Union

Goncar, Minister of Foreign Affairs

North American Republics, Minister of Domestic Affairs

Brys Questions, Minister of Immigration