Special Foreign Relations and Insular Policy Act

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Special Foreign Relations and Insular Policy Act
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced on16 December 2020
Introduced byAnaaxes
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results8 Yea, 2 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Status: In force

This Act makes special provision for establishing the bounds of the Social Liberal Union's relationship to the original region and other certain regions established by the disgraced former founder.

Section 1. No-Contact and Recruitment Policy

The Social Liberal Union and its government shall, insofar as it is reciprocated, avoid contacting residents of regions founded by Ainland during or after November 2020, unless authorized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the World Assembly Delegate, or the Cabinet. No recruitment activities shall be undertaken in such regions without the express authorization, in writing, of the Delegate upon them consulting the Cabinet. A violation of this Section may be abated upon petition for injunction, via an expedited and non-adversarial judicial hearing, by the Minister of Foreign Affairs or Delegate through the Minister of Domestic Affairs or the Attorney General, and violation of such an injunction may be punished as contempt.

Section 2. Policy Toward Members of Regions Affiliated With Ainland

Any State, being an officer, resident, or agent of a region founded by Ainland or a resident of the original region, which: (1) transmits a recruitment telegram, without the consent of the Cabinet, to any Resident State of the new home region; or (2) commences or carries on any threatening, defamatory, harassing, or abusive communication or correspondence via any medium with any Resident State of the new home region, including the Regional Message Board thereof, the regional forum, the regional chat, or a regional website authorized by law; or (3) transmits any communication falsely purporting or claiming to be the legitimate or elected government of the Social Liberal Union, or, otherwise wrongfully displays a flag or insignia of the Social Liberal Union may be prosecuted for up to a class 5 offence for the first violation, and up to a class 6 offence for subsequent violations, and with the written consent of the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Delegate, shall be subject to prosecution accordingly. For the purposes of the States prescribed by this section only, the standards of regular territorial jurisdiction shall be used in any prosecutions.

Section 3. Insular Policy and Legal Status of Member States in Original Region

The original "Social Liberal Union" region is forever the rightful property of the Open Parliament of the Social Liberal Union, as presently constituted by the Third Constitution, enacted 20 May 2017, as amended. This first sentence in this section is a restatement of the common law of this region. Under domestic law, the new region "The Social Liberal Union" is considered an extension of the original region and within the regular territorial criminal and civil jurisdiction of the Social Liberal Union, however, due to the Coup of December 2020, it is unlikely that the community will ever return to the original region. Provided, the government reserves the right to take whatever intelligence, military, or legal action over it, with the consent of the World Assembly Delegate. Any purported government of the Social Liberal Union, supported by Ainland or otherwise, other than the duly-elected government under the aforementioned Third Constitution is declared unconstitutional, illegal, and of no effect in the law whatsoever. As the Comprehensive Union Defense Act provided for a full transfer of all statuses, ranks, rights, and privileges, any Member States remaining in the original region who have not moved to the new home region after the date of this Act's enactment shall immediately cease to be Member States of the Social Liberal Union for all intents and purposes. Any former Member State which after that date willfully holds or accepts any office not authorized by law in the original region shall forever be ineligible for entry into the Social Liberal Union and its properties, except by waiver of the Cabinet or a Resolution of Parliament.