Social Liberal Union

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Social Liberal Union
SLU Flag No Words.png
Regional Flag
Founder Ainland
Legislature Open Parliament
Date of Formation January 2, 2011

The Social Liberal Union (SLU) is a large, democratic region, founded 2 January 2011 by Ainland.

In the view of Ainland, a significant number of socialist regions had started to contain a high number of intolerant dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, whilst many apparently liberal regions had contained more economically right wing libertarian nations. Thus, the Social Liberal Union was designed to be a place for social liberals, democratic socialists, social democrats and other broadly democratic leftist nations to call home. Since its inception, the region has proclaimed its dedication to democracy, social welfare, and equality.

The elected leader of the region is the World Assembly Delegate, elected by the region every four months. The Delegate's power is kept in-check by the region's Constitution, and the region's Cabinet. Ultimately supreme power is held by the Member States of the region via the Open Parliament.

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