Social Liberal Union

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Social Liberal Union
Social Liberal Union Flag.png
Regional Flag
Founder Ainland (former)
Legislature Open Parliament
Date of Formation January 2, 2011

The Social Liberal Union (SLU) is a large, democratic region, founded 2 January 2011 by Ainland.

In the view of Ainland, a significant number of socialist regions had started to contain a high number of intolerant dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, whilst many apparently liberal regions had contained more economically right wing libertarian nations. Thus, the Social Liberal Union was designed to be a place for social liberals, democratic socialists, social democrats and other broadly democratic leftist nations to call home. Since its inception, the region has proclaimed its dedication to democracy, social welfare, and equality.

The elected leader of the region is the World Assembly Delegate, elected by the region every four months. The Delegate's power is kept in-check by the region's Constitution, and the region's Cabinet. Ultimately supreme power is held by the Member States of the region via the Open Parliament.

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History of the Social Liberal Union


The Social Liberal Union was founded on 2 January, 2011, by Ainland. Later that same day, Ainland posted the following statement on the Regional Message Board:

A lot of other socialist regions now contain a number of corrupt dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, whilst many liberal regions contain more right wing libertarian nations.
We’d like to keep this region a one just for the genuine socialists and social liberals. So please only join us if you are!
All ranges of socialists and social liberals are welcome and debate is encouraged!

Preconstitutional Period

See also: Anaaxe's SLU 10 Year Rewind

The first period of SLU history is called the Preconstitutional Period, as the region went several months without a Constitution. This period was marked by an unstable regional government whose World Assembly Delegate frequently changed and elections were contentious. However, Eggy216 was elected as Delegate on 25 March 2011 and served in that position for 323 consecutive days, providing the region with much needed stability. They are still the longest consecutively-serving Delegate in SLU history.

2011 to 2016

First Constitution

While some contend that the Pre-Constitutional Period lasted until 11 May 2011, the First Constitution of the Social Liberal Union was enacted on 24 April 2011 with a simple majority. The enactment of this Constitution ushered in a new era of history in the Social Liberal Union, in which periods of history are defined by the acting World Assembly Delegate. The First Constitution is also notable in that it created the Open Parliament, the directly democratic legislative body of the SLU that is still in operation today.

With the enthusiasm of its new residents and the political stability it began to enjoy, the fledgling region of the Social Liberal Union consisted of more than 200 nations by the end of 2011. However, it quickly ran into its first constitutional crisis. In February 2012, Delegate Azerzia ejected three non-WA member nations from the region with the support of the Founder. They then proposed a poll to the Open Parliament to approve or reject their actions. The Open Parliament rejected the expulsion of the three nations and Azerzia faced the real possibility of being removed from office. However, impeachment proceedings did not occur. The events caused the members of the Open Parliament to pass more explicit legislation regarding expulsions and bans. On 16 August 2012, the region was chosen to be featured on NationStates. It also became the 20th most populous region in NationStates. This was a watershed moment for the SLU, which received widespread recognition of its influence.

Second Constitution

On 22 August 2012, the First Constitution was repealed and the Second Constitution of the Social Liberal Union was successfully enacted by a two-thirds majority. This era of the Social Liberal Union was marked by increased diplomacy and cooperation between the SLU and varying leftist regional governments. In late 2012 and early 2013, the Court of Justice as we now know it was established.

On 16 February 2013, the Social Liberal Union ratified a treaty with various other leftist nations to restrict recruitment between them in order to maintain stability within each region and cooperation amongst them. The treaty was called the Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards. Although SLU records show the treaty was repealed on 20 May 2017 with the passage of the Third Constitution, the region’s World Factbook prominently displays that it is still a signatory to the treaty.

In 2014, citing high population decline, governmental instability, and the loss of an important Member State called Azerzia on the part of the Union of Democratic States, as well as the Social Liberal Union's declining population at the time, the SLU and the UDS began formal negotiations to merge the two regions for mutual protection against raiders. Provisions were made for all UDS residents to join the SLU and achieve full citizenship, and the destruction of the UDS NationStates page was mandated. The treaty, Merging of the UDLS into the SLU, was ratified on 26 March 2014 and included the creation of a position called Union of Democratic Leftist States Cultural Attaché in order to help preserve UDLS cultural identity in the SLU. In addition, Union Day was established as a regional holiday to celebrate the ratification of the treaty. The treaty was repealed when the Third Constitution was passed on 20 May 2017, but many UDS states still reside in the SLU as full citizens. UDLS remains inactive, with only a single nation residing.

On 25 June 2014, Avaerilon was inducted as the first member of the Ainish Order of Merit, which is now called the Order of the Sunken Cookie.

On 3 July 2015, the SLU participated in and developed an exhibit for the 2015 LeftExpo.

On 3 January 2016, Mons Garle assumed the office of the Delegate. Mons Garles would go one to serve 425 non-consecutive days in office, the most of any Delegate in SLU history.

On 7 January 2016, the SLU ratified another treaty creating the Eurasian Socialist Union-Social Liberal Union Alliance. However, this treaty was later repealed as well.

On 12 December 2016, the SLU reached the highest population in its history: 484 residents.

Invasion of October 2016

In October of 2016, a large group of nations invaded the Social Liberal Union by infiltrating as resident states a few months prior to the attack. The SLU government attempted to resolve the crisis by ejecting and banning suspect nations and enacting a temporary regional password. However, these measures were temporary. On 7 October, the invading nation of Kirigaya Kirito actually seized the Delegacy. On 9 October, Filthy Casualz proposed a Resolution to the World Assembly Security Council in order to liberate the SLU. However, the Resolution failed. It did, however, succeed in publicly naming the invaders as The Invader Network of The Invaders, The Communist Bloc, The Kingdom of Great Britain, USSD, and nations from The West Pacific and Exodus. UED proposed a similar Resolution to the Security Council that month which failed as well. Fortunately, Mons Garle retook the Delegacy on 10 October 2016. The Open Parliament later created the Select Committee on the Invasion of October 2016, authorized by the Invasion of October 2016 Anniversary Resolution in order to investigate how the invasion occurred and how to properly document it.

2017 to 2020

On 20 May 2017, the Open Parliament passed the Third Constitution of the Social Liberal Union with a two-thirds majority. This repealed all provisions of the previous Constitution. This era of SLU history marked an expansion of the government structure and resident activity. The new Constitution was a joint proposal by Anaaxes and Odd Republic (now Ramelia).

The SLU continued to search for leftist allies and engage in diplomatic efforts. On 14 November 2017, the Social Liberal Union attempted to join NSLeft, a conglomeration of leftist regions which cooperate on security and outreach. However, this attempt was rejected by the Member Regions of NSLeft, who believed that the SLU was not sufficiently left-wing. The NSLeft would later accept an embassy with the Social Liberal Union on 5 June 2020 and move its embassy with the region to the SLU's backup region in December 2020. In November 2018, the SLU joined the Interregional Legislative Coalition. It would leave the alliance nearly two years later. In addition to establishing embassies with like-minded regions, the SLU also signed and ratified a treaty on 23 August 2018 called The People’s Republic of The Communist Bloc And The Social Liberal Union Treaty of Mutual Non-Aggression

Most notably, the Open Parliament passed the Law Commission and Library Act on 18 April 2018. This act established a new organization within the judicial branch, the Law Commission. This organization was granted vast new responsibilities within the judicial branch, such as issuing Orders, writing and administering the Bar Examination, and managing the Bar of the Court of Justice. The Act gave the judicial branch powers not previously enjoyed and provided a counterbalance to the executive and legislative branches.

On 11 May 2018, the first and only recorded dismissal of a government official occurred. New Lettia was relieved of their positions as Chancellor and Deputy Minister of Immigration when the Open Parliament passed a Resolution entitled "On the Dismissal of New Lettia from the Government of the Social Liberal Union". Until the unlawful December 2020 Coup, no other government officer had been forcibly removed from office. The Resolution stated the reason for dismissal being inactivity on the part of New Lettia, but it also thanked them for their contributions while holding those offices.

December 2020 Coup d'Etat

Beginning in early December 2020, the Founder, Ainland, began making concerning remarks about the legitimate government of the SLU. He expressed his opinions regarding the SLU’s embassy with North Korea. Ainland eventually removed the “Communist” tag from the SLU NationStates page without proper authorization. On 13 December, he launched his coup, expelling the entirety of the elected SLU government and banning them from the region. The government-in-exile then declared a state of emergency and raised the CUDA level to Red through Discord channels and enacted the continuity of government provisions within the Comprehensive Union Defense Act. By 14 December, the government-in-exile had been successfully established in its backup region, The Social Liberal Union. While all of the region’s embassies left the original region and set up new embassies with The Social Liberal Union, the region’s population was drastically reduced for some time following the coup. The Social Liberal Union has maintained their authority over and possession of the original SLU region. On 19 February 2021, the SLU government announced the successful execution of an operation in which full ownership of the original region was restored to the legitimate SLU government. The operation took place in coordination with Ainland, who agreed to transfer ownership of the region to the government.

2020 to Present

The Social Liberal Union began this new period of its history by stating unequivocally that it considered its overthrown region to be "forever the rightful property" of The Social Liberal Union and then stripped all SLU citizens that had not emigrated to the backup region by 5 January 2020 of their citizenship and "all statuses, ranks, rights, and privileges[1]." The SLU also began to alter its constitutional relationship to the region founder as a result of the coup. Power began being diverted from the Founder in a number of ways. Through Amendment 7, the Founder Nation was placed in the control of three "highly trusted Member States" which came to be titled as Trustees. The Open Parliament also limited the Trustees' ability to declare a state of emergency or dismiss a democratically-elected government official.

On 2 January 2020, The Social Liberal Union celebrated its 10th anniversary of existence. The Social Liberal Union 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Committee, which consisted of Anaaxes, Brys Questions, Courelli, Goncar, Harndon, Helvurium, Hirematia, Jyskmark, Kanoria, Koiho, North American Republics, Ramelia, and Toonela, planned and organized regional activities for residents and allies to participate in[2]. In celebration of the anniversary, Anaaxes created a website devoted to the celebration and even developed an extensive timeline of SLU history[3]. This is the official statement made by Helvurium, the 17th Delegate regarding the anniversary:

"The story of the SLU is the story of an unlikely tale of how a humble, largely-liberal region transformed into one of the site's most passionate and unexpected bulwarks for leftism and good regional governance. As the world, both in NationStates and real life, began to increasingly trend towards conservativism, fascism, or neoliberalism, the SLU has remained steadfast in defending progressive ideals while respecting the diverse range of ideologies found on the left. It’s also a story of service – hours of writing original RP content, bitter debate at times, collaboration among comrades around the globe, and commitment to the welfare and happiness of the members of the region. It’s a story of friendship – from the early remote working relationships limited by the formality of telegrams to the now much more cordial, almost-instant access friendships we relish with fellow SLUans and our allies. But most of all, it’s a story shared by everyone who has contributed to this grand project – past, present, and future. Thanks for joining us in SLU's decennial year as we celebrate that story and look towards creating new stories and experiences for future members to tell and enjoy.”

On 21 January 2020, Harndon resigned from their post as Deputy of Foreign Affairs stating that they believed they were partly responsible for a situation that had been developing in The Leftist Assembly, which had an embassy established with The Social Liberal Union. This situation was allegedly due to internal conflict over debate moderation[4]. Harndon's resignation was met with no controversy, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Goncar thanked Harndon for "his service for the past year and a half in this post..." and said: "I have enjoyed serving alongside you and you have made the Foreign Affairs ministry better. Thank you friend." Jyskmark, who had an extensive history of government service, was then appointed as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.