World Assembly Waiver Resolution

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World Assembly Waiver Resolution
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted27 August 2017
Date repealed14 December 2017
Legislative history
Introduced on13 August 2017
Introduced byOdd Republic
Voting began19 August 2017
Voting concluded27 August 2017
Vote results2 Yea, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Repealing legislation
Status: Repealed

This Resolution, in supplement of the World Assembly Waiver Act, establishes a list of nations given a World Assembly membership requirement waiver pursuant that Act.

Section 1. Relation to Other Legislation

Pursuant to Article 2 of the World Assembly Waiver Act and Article 1 Section 4 of the Constitution of the Social Liberal Union, states enumerated in the following Section, provided they remain residents of the Social Liberal Union and meet all requirements for Member State status other than being members of the World Assembly, shall be considered full Member States. All additions of states with a waiver shall be made to the list in the following Section.

Section 2. List of States With the World Assembly Waiver

Pursuant to Section 1 of this Resolution, the following list includes states with a World Assembly membership requirement waiver, and should be amended as the form of granting new waivers.
No nations have currently obtained a waiver pursuant to the World Assembly Waiver Act.

Section 3. Voiding of Another Resolution and Transition Procedures

The World Assembly Membership Requirement Waiver Resolution (R-11) shall be declared null and void when, and only when, all states on its waiver list that currently reside in the Social Liberal Union have been vetted under the provisions of the World Assembly Waiver Act, and, if fit and proper, have received a vote upon a waiver pursuant to this Resolution.