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Prplia Flag.png
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
07 May 2021
DelegateCourelli, Brys Questions
Preceded byAeoa
Nation details
Founded26 July 2020
(14 months ago)

Prplia, officially the Trans-Femme Communal Village of Prplia or the Eco-Socialist Commune of Prplia, is a 5 island nation including one overseas territory, named X'lyqonlyia. Prplia was discovered by the humanoids that first stepped on the land at around 15,000 BCE and has taken several millennia to become the advanced civilization that it is today.

The meaning of the name of Prplia derives from the word purple and the the suffix -ia (From Latin, -ia is translated as 'land of".) Prplia gets it purple name from the M'fyko mountain range, which is tainted with the colour; the M'fyko mountains, the tallest of which is the famous Io'lkxo mountain (31,934 m), are also home to the national Prplian animal of S'kvyo (in English: Cow)

Captured: A group of S'kvyos on their natural terrain of the M'fyko mountains


Prplia, on the ground it was founded on, was incorporated in 1567, and started as a Monarchical Democracy, after the union of the Queendoms of Vusq, and Eo; The current Parliamentary System was adopted in 1639 with 4 Ministries and 50 seats, following the governmental schism of 1638. In the current government period the SLPP, "The Socialist Liberal Party of Prplia", had consecutively won the national election for the "head of the parliament" for 45 years (with elections occurring every 5 years), before a new party grew in popularity, the UESA or "United Environmentalists' Socialist Association" and won the most recent election in 2020, ending the SLPP's rule. Prplia follows a differing Parliamentary System of government, with 7 Ministries and 400 seats; with an extra five seats , The Head of Parliament, that of which stands as the acting head of Parliament and is elected every 5 years (along with all parliamentary positions), and The Secretarial Branch, a four-seat branch of secretaries that serve as middle-men for communication when the Head of Parliament is busy.

Ministry Number of Seats Year Incorporated Current ruling Party Current head Minister
Ministry of Foreign Safety and Affairs 80 1639 SLPP F'ki Vslaiah
Ministry of Environmental Safety and Affairs 60 1876 GPoP Recyul Nj'tkxo
Ministry of Domestic Safety and Affairs 70 1639 PPoAC Jioa'de Jy'juij
Ministry of Public and Private Transportation 30 1948 THCP Yto Lxoit
Ministry of Immigration Safety and Affairs 80 1639 TAPPDSoP M'arxity Physadeio
Ministry of Means of Distribution 80 1783 SLPP Dex'gio Yf'joi
Head Seat(s) Number of Seats Year Incorporated Current ruling Party Current Seat Holder
Head of Parliament 1 2020 UESA Amber Girard
Secretarial Branch 4 2020 UESA Fulbert Bushe

T'wkyoi Ca

Aþer Liadgx

Wkxi Dw'r,c,co

The 4 Ministries incorporated at the founding of present-day Prplia are as listed:

  • The Ministry of Management of the People; present day, Ministry of Domestic Safety and Affairs
  • The Ministry of Outer Relations; present day, Ministry of Foreign Safety and Affairs
  • The Ministry of the State; present day, Head of Parliament
  • The Ministry of Immigrant Management; present day, Ministry of Immigration Safety and Affairs

Political Parties

There are currently 8 popular parties that get a substantial amount of votes, as listed

Title of Party Initialism Year Established Current Head of the Party
The Socialist-Liberal Party of Prplia SLPP 1713 Fritzi Segerson
The Green Party of Prplia GPoP 1852 Recyul Nj'tkxo
United Environmentalists' Socialist Association UE-SA 1978 Amber Girard
Prplian Party of Anarcho-Capitialism PPoAC 1620 Thy'rekxo Jotyiso
The H'yolo Communist Party THCP 1830 Jodef Sotiev
The All People's Party of Democratic Socialists of Prplia TAPPDSoP 1750 M'arxity Pjysadeio
F'jkvxco F'jkvxco A'lljaae [Association of Prplian Blood (pro-immigration nationalists)] FFA 1789 Wrtyox Dfjuimlo
The People's Party of Communist Representatives PPoCR 1678 J'o Ma,Ma


There are 10 Individual States in Prplia:

Map of the Individual States of Prplia
State Title Flag Capital City Regional Head of State
I'sixeko Prplia I'sixeko Flag.png I'xe J'o Ma,Ma (PPoCR)
Oui'yxko Prplia Oui'yxko Flag.png Valšupj Thy'rekxo Jotyiso (PPoAC)
J'ykek Prplia Hy'kek Flag.png R'xuš Osage Cotixiski (GPoP)
J'yolo Prplia H'yolo Flag.png Šk'uizæ Jodef Sotiev (THCP)
Jtylexkko Prplia Jtylexxko Flag.png Šʤ'yo Plaidimyr Lnyen (PPoCR)
K'uixowi Prplia K'uixowi Flag.png Violeta Alessi (SLPP)
Vsyi Prplia Vsyi Flag.png Amadohityi (GPoP)
Qy Prplia Qy Flag.png Kuvo Lan-Zhe-Sap-Ji (TAPPDSoP)
Jxo'eth Prplia Hxo'eth Flag.png K'xilahio T'xiv Wspjoi (FFA)
Owi'owi Prplia Owi'owi Flag.png Angyla Mærtyn (GPoP)

There is also 1 overseas territory:

Territory Title Flag Regional Research Officer
X'Iyqonlyia Prplia X'Iyqonlyia Flag.png Pwankulureba Maiña