On the Nomination of North American Republics to the Ainish Order of Merit

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On the Nomination of North American Republics to the Ainish Order of Merit
NomineeNorth American Republics
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted15 May 2020
Date signed8 May 2020
Signed byCabinet
Legislative history
Introduced on31 March 2020
Introduced byRamelia
Voting began8 May 2020
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results10 Yea, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain
Status: Passed

WHEREAS the long tenure and list of accomplishments of North American Republics has already been acknowledged as especially meritorious by this Parliament in On the Nomination of North American Republics to the Eggic Order of Merit;

AND WHEREAS this Parliament continues to recognize North American Republic's previous contributions, including service in numerous government positions and a major hand in crafting the Second Constitution;

AND WHEREAS North American Republics has made numerous contributions since his admission to the Eggic Order of Merit, including the improvement of the voting and elections portal and the creation of a new, more functional and more easily archived forum;

AND WHEREAS North American Republics' recent contributions to the Social Liberal Union far exceed the mandate of his offices, and allow the Social Liberal Union to expand the scope of its democracy;

AND WHEREAS North American Republics has generously provided aid in the recruitment of new members, leading to a doubling in Social Liberal Union membership;

AND WHEREAS the contributions of North American Republics, throughout his nearly decade-long membership in the Open Parliament, exemplify the values and purposes of this Social Liberal Union, and are comparable to the contributions of our esteemed Founder, Ainland;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the nomination of the Speaker of the Union, signature of the Cabinet, and confirmation of the Open Parliament, that North American Republics be inducted into the Ainish Order of Merit, in accordance with the provisions of the Regional Honours and Awards Act.