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This article is about the out-of-character user typically known outside the SLU as “KitKat”.
Omerica Flag.png
19th Minister of Immigration
In office
7 November 2017 – 29 June 2018
North American Republics
Preceded byHirematia
Succeeded byChameliya
18th Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
12 November 2018 – 24 December 2018
Preceded byGoncar
Succeeded byCourelli
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
29 June 2018 – 12 November 2018
DelegateNorth American Republics
Preceded byLawattsia
Succeeded byBrys Questions
Nation details
Founded19 November 2016
(4 years ago)

🍓merica (/ˌəʊməˈri(ː)kə, ˌoʊ-/ ᴏʜ-mə-ʀᴇᴇ-kə[1]), also known as TheKitKatProject or KitKat, is an absolute mad lass who has never been seen in the same room at the same time as the Ethics Committee. It is rumoured that Omerica never actually sleeps, but merely enters into a deep meditative state at night[citation needed] or is just an advanced artificial intelligence built by the North American Republics.

People from the in-character nation of Omerica are called “resignees” “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”.


  • Born: a day during the 1990s, somewhere in England
  • Died: an unspecified date in the future, somewhere unspecified
  • Citizenship: British American
  • Political party: Independent social democrat
  • Football club: Liverpool FC
  • Football team: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Children: no thanks
  • Residence: a house
  • Profession: goofball

Public service

Democratic Socialist Assembly (as The Saint James Islands)

  • Minister of Cartography: 17 June 2013–27 August 2013
  • Minister of Immigration and Regional Promotion (1st term): 27 August 2013–11 November 2013
  • President of Congress/World Assembly Delegate: 11 November 2013–10 April 2014
  • Secretary General: 10 April 2014–24 June 2014
  • Minister of Immigration and Regional Promotion (2nd term): 8 September 2014–21 November 2014

Social Liberal Union


Courelli and Helvurium have been known to circulate petitions to “ban Omerica”; in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Anaaxes proposed that Omerica be banned “UNTIL THE WAFFLE HOUSE INDEX REPORTS [S]HE IS ALL CLEAR”, but this was merely symbolic, as she was already safe at the time the ban was proposed. Nations that have submitted petitions to “impeach Omerica” include Courelli (again) and Auze.

The Pineapple War

[Invalidated by a Re-Evaluation of Temporal Continuity and Other Nonsense (R.E.T.C.O.N.) Bomb]


  1. NOT /ɔˈmɛrɪkə, ɒ-/ o-ᴍᴇʜ-rih-kə