Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the
Social Liberal Union
FA Seal.png
Seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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since 6 August 2019
Executive Branch of the SLU Government
Member ofCabinet
AppointerOpen Parliament
Term lengthNo fixed term;
until successor elected following Delegate election
Constituting instrumentSLU Constitution (May 2017–)
Various Acts of Parliament (Jun 2011–May 2017)
Inaugural holderMintonity
Formation25 June 2011
(10 years ago)

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Social Liberal Union (sometimes referred to as MoFA) is an office that came into existence with the passage of the Regional Administration and Governance Act in 2012, and eventually became a constitutional office under the Third Constitution in 2017. For information on their Ministry, see Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For information regarding their Deputy, see Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The powers and duties of the Minister of Foreign Affairs are mainly outlined in Article 6 of the Constitution. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is a member of the Administration and of the Cabinet. Furthermore, the Constitution establishes the Minister of Foreign Affairs as the presiding officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Express constitutional powers and responsibilities of the Minister of Foreign Affairs include:

  • Conducting interregional and interorganizational diplomacy on behalf of the Social Liberal Union and the Delegate, and promoting the interests of the region abroad
  • Appointing and dismissing Ambassadors of the Social Liberal Union.
  • Opening and closing embassies, except those created or closed by Resolutions of Parliament, with the permission of the Delegate and the consultation of the Cabinet
  • Negotiating and signing treaties and agreements when authorized by the Delegate
  • Inform the region of important developments and events outside the region from time to time
  • Overseeing the adequate defense of the region, and overseeing the intelligence and counterintelligence operations of the region, jointly with the Delegate