Millylandish Constitutional Period

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Millylandish Constitutional Period
12 August 2012 – 14 November 2012
Millyland Era.png
Preceded byAzerzian Constitutional Period
Followed byGrolschian Constitutional Period
The Millylandish Administration
Office Nation Term
Executive Members
World Assembly Delegate Millyland DATES
Minister of Foreign Affairs MOFA DATES
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs DMOFA DATES
Minister of Domestic Affairs MODA DATES
Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs DMODA DATES
Minister of Immigration MOI DATES
Deputy Minister of Immigration DMOI DATES
Independent Members
Founder of the Social Liberal Union Ainland DATES
Speaker of the Union SPEAKER DATES

Major events occurred within the first two weeks of Millyland's election. Several states not meeting requirement poured into the region during the shift, likely hoping to take advantage. The region also gained several states, arguably trolls, attempting to convert the region to Conservatism. It was one of the first times the NS moderators had to get involved in the region in order to maintain order. It also saw the creation of several regional organizations, including banks, law firms and a defender organization.

The region also became featured for the first time and became the 20th most populous region in NationStates.