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The Grand Federation of
Michutopia Flag.svg
2nd Speaker of the Union
In office
29 March 2012 – 28 June 2012
Preceded byAzerzia
Succeeded byNorth American Republics
Minister of Domestic Affairs
In office
29 September 2011 – 12 November 2011
Preceded byAzerzia
Succeeded byNorth American Republics
Nation details
Founded19 October 2007 CE
(14 years ago)
Ceased to exist24 October 2021 CE
(8 months ago)


In the beginning

he first sign of the Grand Federation of Michutopia began as the Liberal Movement in South Africa in mid 2008. It acted as a splinter group trying to gain control of the nation through political meens, whilst running small communities around the country. As the communities grew, the self governing group managed to gain control shortly after spring of 2009, after Incumbent Jacob Zuma was elected president of South Africa. The corrupt rapist quickly lost control of the situation, as the Liberal Movement, led by Michelsen, rallied the nation through massive marches against police that ended in a mass riots. Millions were killed, with the fighting completely destroying most of the infrastructure. After three weeks of endless fighting between citizens and the government, rioters managed to defeat soldiers guarding the presidential home, ending with the exile of the entire government and re-foundation as the Federation of Michutopia, named after the leader of the movement that started the revolution.[1]

Recent history

With the recent advent of world war three, the major powers of the world destroyed themselves, leaving little hope for any aid efforts to save impoverished Africa. The drought and barren landscape has turned into a wasteland, where few have managed to survive by clinging to small pockets of water, however, have little hope due to the lack of food.

The lack of stable government or recources, and influenced by the radiation leaking down from Europe and the Middle East, led many starving desperate Africans to flee south to Michutopia. Taken in by open arms, given jobs, a home, and food welfare, skyrocketed the population. Within years, the citizenship went from millions to billions. It stands today at nearly 4 billion, and grows every day.

There is virtually no crime, 95% of deaths are from old age, while others are accidents. Poverty is non existent, thanks to its many welfare programs. Michutopia has truly become a Utopia.

Rebuilding of Cape Town

The great city of Capetown was largely destroyed in the fighting, so it was rebuilt as Michelsen Prime, the nations new capital. It took several years, but with the combined efforts of the people and the government, a beautiful city was constructed in the heart of a stunning landscape. With the huge increase of population in the past few years, Michelsen Prime has become one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of over 2 and a half billion. The original borders which covered capetown has reached toward the heavens, while the rest of the city has grown out to cover the entire mountainous peninsula and much of the inland. Many find it hard to conceive it as one single city, as it is in fact an entire state, and treated as such by the state, taking up most of what was once the Western Cape. It has enormous buildings that reach hundreds of stories into the clouds, and due to the huge masses of people, the roads have been tiered, with a huge vehicle road on the top, pedestrian walking on several different floors below it, and a large rail system in the underground that weaves through all the supports of the mega structures, connecting citizens from the Cape all the way to the Kalahari. Pollution is strictly controlled, and all vehicles are mandatory to be electric only. To power this massive city, offshore wind turbines have filled the Atlantic ocean surrounding the cape.


The Grand Federation has been divided into many states. Each state is a huge megacity or several large cities combined into five political enties, five Senators, which is represented in Michelsen Prime at the Grand Federation Hall. In total there are 500 Senators, each hailing from one of five districts in one of a hundred states.. It is a free party system, much like that of the United States, with the major party being the Liberal Party, with minor parties being the Communist Party and the Capitalist Party. Every four years a President is elected, and every two years Senators are elected.

The ruling Liberal Party holds 95% of the Hall, after losing 5% to various minor parties in the 2011 congressional elections. The current President is Michelsen, revolutionary and founder /leader of the Liberal party.

Liberal Party = 95% of Hall Capitalist Party = 3% of Hall Communist Party = 2% of Hall

Grand Federation Armed Forces

There are several key parts of the GFAF. At the top, you have the central command, located in Michelsen Prime. It is a massive compound employing nearly 30 million citizens. The command center is a triumph of military research, unmanned drone control, and strategic planning. It is also where the national defense grid is kept in constant flow.

Territorial Defense System

Last year Michutopian scientists perfected a geo-magnetic field generator that creates an effective barrier against all mass, and was distributed for vehicles, aircraft, and people. This generator has been redesigned along the entire border of Michutopia, creating an impenetrable, nearly invisible "bubble" around the country. Generators around the border can be shut off momentaraly so that aircraft can pass through, however due to isolationist policies the bubble has been closed shut and only opened for space and military operations.

Mobile Assault Base

The M.A.B. is the strongest known vessel created on Earth. It is a giant hovercraft that uses powerful magnetic technology to keep itself floating above the ground. Each ship carries at least 500 unmanned aircraft, 400 unmanned tanks, not to mention an array of giant cannons capable of destroying a small moon. The cannons are outfitted to switch between a myriad of different munitions for any situation.

Ships carry enough crew to maintain all unmanned vehicles, weapons, systems, as well as control them in the event of an attack. All unmanned vehicles, including the M.A.B.'s themselves, have the T.D.S. technology protecting them.

M.A.B's now come in a variety of forms, ranging from space-outfitted colony ships, to war platforms capable of major peacekeeping missions.