May 2018 Chancellor election

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May 2018 Chancellor election
← January 2018 19 May 2018 (2018-05-19) - 26 May 2018 (2018-05-26) October 2018 →

Member States eligible to vote
Majority of votes needed to win
Turnout19 voters (Increase6)
  Anaaxes Flag.png Helvurium Flag.png Castillecrest Flag.png
Candidate Anaaxes Helvurium Castillecrest
Popular votes 13 3 2
Percentage 68.42% 15.79% 10.53%
  Brys Questions Flag.png
Candidate Brys Questions
Popular votes 1
Percentage 5.62%

Chancellor before election

Vacant (last held by New Lettia)

Elected Chancellor


Nominations and campaigning opened 11 May 2018 and concluded 17 May. Anaaxes, Brys Questions, Castillecrest, Helvurium, New Lettia, and Kanoria were nominated, and the first four decided to run for the vacant seat New Lettia had held before a period of inactivity culminating in the Resolution On the Dismissal of New Lettia from the Government of the Social Liberal Union. Anaaxes[1] and Brys Questions[2] created platforms. Voting lasted from 19 May 2018 to 26 May, with Anaaxes garnering a majority of votes—13 to Helvurium's 3, Castillecrest's 2 and Brys Questions' 1 of 19 valid ballots cast—and being elected Chancellor.[3][4]