May 2014 World Assembly Delegate election

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May 2014 World Assembly Delegate election
← February 2014 23 May 2014 (2014-05-23) - 30 May 2014 (2014-05-30) September 2014 →

Member States eligible to vote
Majority of votes needed to win
Turnout15 voters (Increase1)
  Avaerilon Flag.png Phing Phong Flag.png
Candidate Avaerilon Phing Phong
Popular votes 13 0
Percentage 100% 0%

Delegate before election


Elected Delegate


Nominations and campaigning for the office of World Assembly Delegate opened on 3 May 2014, and closed on 23 May 2014—later than originally scheduled—due to a lack of enough candidates in the first week of nominations. The Speaker, United Democracy of Scientists, served as the Election Administrator. There were 15 valid votes of 15 total votes cast, with two abstentions.[1][2] The final vote was verified by Minister of Domestic Affairs North American Republics. The incumbent Delegate, Avaerilon, won re-election after gaining more votes than Phing Phong. Their term began on 30 May 2014.