May 2013 World Assembly Delegate election

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May 2013 World Assembly Delegate election
← February 2013 4 May 2013 (2013-05-04) - 22 May 2013 (2013-05-22) August 2013 →

Member States eligible to vote
Majority of votes needed to win
Turnout19 voters (Decrease2)
  Eggy Flag.png Westerheim Flag.png
Candidate Eggy216 Westerheim
Popular votes 15 4
Percentage 78.95% 21.05%

Delegate before election


Elected Delegate


Nominations and campaigning for the office of World Assembly Delegate opened on 4 May 2013, and closed on 12 May 2013. The Speaker of the Union, Ceni, served as the Election Administrator.[1] There were 19 valid votes of 19 total votes cast, with no abstentions.[2] Eggy216 won the election after gaining more votes than Westerheim. The first and only term of their second delegacy and the Second Eggic Constitutional Period began on 22 May 2013.