March 2017 World Assembly Delegate election

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March 2017 World Assembly Delegate election
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Member States eligible to vote
Majority of votes needed to win
Turnout28 voters (Increase13)
  Austerain Flag.svg Freeland Newworldia Flag.jpg
Candidate Austerain Freeland Newworldia
Popular votes 14 14
Percentage 50% 50%

Transparent Pixel.png
Tie broken by the Cabinet; majority needed
4 votes for Austerain
0 votes for Freeland Newworldia

Delegate before election

Mons Garle

Elected Delegate


Nominations and campaigning for the position of World Assembly Delegate opened at 00:00 UTC on 1 March 2017, and closed one week later. The Speaker, Odd Republic, served as the Election Administrator. The vote was automatically tabulated and publicly auditable on the voting portal, so there was no specific vote verifier in this election. The election was tied, with 14 valid first preference votes cast for each candidate, out of 28 total votes cast, with no abstentions.[1] The incumbent Delegate, Mons Garle, was ineligible for re-election to the office due to term limits. Austerain won the election after the Cabinet broke the tie, as required by the Constitution, in favor of Austerain rather than Freeland Newworldia.[2] This was the first and only delegatory election in regional history to be decided by a Cabinet tie-breaking vote. Austerain's delegacy, first term, and the Austeren Constitutional Period officially started on 17 March 2017. This would be the last delegatory election held under the Second Constitution of the Social Liberal Union.

Anaaxes nominated Austerain on 28 February, and they accepted the nomination on 1 March. Odd Republic nominated Ainland on the 1st, but the nomination was never either declined or accepted. Mintonity nominated Freeland Newworldia on the 1st, and they accepted the nomination that day. Mons Garle nominated Anaaxes on the 1st, but they declined it that day.[3]