Lost Slokasians

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The United Cultural Regions of
Sangsong and Tannah Tinngi and

Lost Slokasians
Lost Slokasians Flag.svg
Deputy Minister of Immigration
Assumed office
23 February 2022
Preceded byCourelli
Nation details
Founded14 January 2021 CE
(1 year ago)
United Cultural Regions of Sangsong and Tannah Tinngi and Lost Slokasians

Sansongan:잃어버린 슬로카시안
Ilh-Eobeolin Seullokasian
Iberan:Regiones Culturales Unidas de Sangsong y Tannah Tinngi y Lost Slokasians
Atlian:Unione Culturale Sansiana e Atanniana e Slocasiana
Koiho:Sansonga nại Tạnnạh-Tịnngịa seta Joksaslokasịa Jahsetcoallasenaskas
Motto: 노동으로 단결, 문화에서 단결, 하나의 통일된 땅
(Gibberish: United in labor, United in culture, United land)
Anthem: TBA
CapitalXianja City
Largest cityTavana
Official languages
  • Tangila
  • Sangongan
  • Iberan
  • Gibberish
  • 47% Onru
  • 44% Minjian
  • 9% Non relgion
GovernmentFederal parilmentary republic
• Prime Minister
Manny Lee-Park
• President of Sangsong
Yesong Yoo
• President of Tannah
Krithika Karthigai
LegislatureNational Congress
• Regions unite
• United Regions established
• Current constitution
• Total
145,900.877 sq mi (377,881.54 km2)
• 2020 census
• Density
73.2/sq mi (28.3/km2)
HDI (2020)Increase 0.787
CurrencyNational Dollar (NRD)
Time zoneLost Slokasian Standard Time
Date formatdd.mm.yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+103
ISO 3166 AbbreviationLS
Internet TLD.ucr
Social Liberal Union Flag.svg Lost Slokasians Flag.svg
SLU member state
AmbassadorRamo Chung-Hee, Rohini Rogini
Flag of Europe.svg Lost Slokasians Flag.svg
AES member state

Lost Slokasians, officially the United Cultural Regions of Sansong and Tannah Tinngi and Lost Slokasians, is a collection of islands as well as the mainland that is connected by the many islands. It is made of up peoples, some of who claim to be from a land Slokais. However, this has not been confirmed to be true as interplanetary travel does not exist, and so far there are no known planets that hold life at all. With around 10,000,000 in an area of around 280 sq. km, meaning there are 107 people per sq mile. The capital is Xianjia with 200,500 people.

Lost Slokasians may have been home to humans as many as 10,000 years ago, these people claimed to be from a land called Slokais within another world. In 100 CE the Sansong Kingdom was founded it built its capital at Leejung Bay, it slowly gained control of the Nothern Mainland and the Sea Islands. In 760 CE, the Kingdom went to war with Mauarya Kingdom, for the next 2 decades the Sansong slowly conquered the country, by 850CE the kingdom collapsed only leaving the Hansong Dystanty in the Far south. They would exist there for the next 1000 years as farmer warriors too strong to be conquered by various kingdoms. In 1150 the Sansong Kindom had a long 10-year civil war between the religious factions. The religion of Divine Wills was founded during this time. The Tinngi Empire rose in the 1300s and held on to the southern part of the country for the next 500 years. During this time of peace, the nation developed, in and many texts and arts were created and by the time the Courellian Empire began its conquest in 1540, the Kingdom was developed.


According to the Constitution of 2007, Lost Slokaisians is defined as United Cultural Region between the nations of Sangsong and Tannah Tinngi. Each region has its own government, ministers, and political system; however, military, social, and economic support comes from a central government formed by representatives of both nations within two bodies, the National Senate and the National Congress. These are elected in regionwide proportional elections, except for “Cultural Seats” that are granted to minority groups based on their population within a region. There are 218 Congress Members and 32 Senators, once from each province. These politicians are elected from party lists through the 21 political parties with representation. Parties then form coalitions; whichever coalition has the most Congressmembers within their block becomes Prime Minister of Lost Slokasians; as of 2022, the Prime Minister is Manny Lee-Park of the United Workers Party. The Prime Minister has executive powers such as the appointment of military leadership and national-level executive ministries; however, the two regions have their own authorities for all other ministries. Each region also has their own Congress and Senate, with 28 Senators and 172 Congressmen for Sansong and 36 Senators and 236 Congressmen in Tannah Tinngi, while the State of the Xianja Islands has 10 Senators and 65 Congressmen.

Political parties

Party Name MPs in Congress Senators
Socialist Workers Party 68 9
Justice and Liberty 43 10
New Future 29 5
League of Progress 21 2
National Liberty 16 2