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Library of Parliament
Seal of the Open Parliament.png
Legislative Branch of the Social Liberal Union Government
Reports toSpeaker of the Union
Law Commission
Term lengthLibrarians serve at the Pleasure of the Speaker
Constituting instrumentParliamentary Library Act (repealed),
Law Commission and Library Act
Formation4 May 2017
(4 years ago)

About the Library

The Library of Parliament is the official law and records library of the Open Parliament of the Social Liberal Union. Its general mission is to create, locate, curate, preserve, and maintain regional legislation, historical records, and other records of public importance or relevance.

Library Staff

Name Library Staff Position In office since
Helvurium Flag.png
Chief Administrative Officer 4 March 2021
Anaaxes Flag.png
Chief Technical Officer
Librarian of Parliament
20 May 2017
Courelli Flag.png
Librarian of Parliament 5 September 2017
Hirematia Flag.svg
Librarian of Parliament 22 May 2018
Kanoria Flag.png
Librarian of Parliament 5 September 2017
Koiho Flag.png
Librarian of Parliament 13 April 2019
Ramelia Flag.svg
Librarian of Parliament 1 July 2019
Jyskmark Flag.png
Librarian of Parliament 27 May 2020
Aeoa Flag.png
Librarian of Parliament 17 December 2020

For information on the positions in the Library of Parliament, please see the Law Commission and Library Act.