Law Commission

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Law Commission
Law Commission Seal Transparent.png
Seal of the Law Commission
Legislative Branch of the Social Liberal Union Government
Reports toThe Speaker of the Union, in their capacity as Chair of the Commission
Constituting instrumentLaw Commission and Library Act
Formation18 April 2018 CE
(4 years ago)

The Law Commission is a component of the SLU legislative branch. It authorizes the Bar Examination and supervises admissions to and members of the Bar of the Court of Justice, makes recommendations for legal improvements to the Open Parliament, may make designations for important Library of Parliament records, among other powers and responsibilities. For information on its structure, powers, and positions, see the Law Commission and Library Act.

Members of the Law Commission

Nation Position Member since Term end
Anaaxes Flag.svg
Chair of the Commission
Speaker of the Union
9 November 2021 Ex officio member
Erynia and Draconia
Erynia Flag.svg
Vice Chair of the Commission
13 January 2022 Ex officio member
Helvurium Flag.svg
Minister of Domestic Affairs
23 October 2021 Ex officio member
Kanoria Flag.svg
Speaker pro tempore
18 February 2022 Ex officio member
Courelli Flag.svg
Nominated by the Vice Chair
6 March 2022 24 July 2022
An-Astral Flag.svg
Nominated by the World Assembly Delegate
6 March 2022 26 June 2022
Ramelia Flag.svg
Nominated by the Minister of Domestic Affairs
6 March 2022 26 June 2022

Orders of the Law Commission

Citation Short title Long title Date ordered
Order 1 Order Providing for the Review and Approval of Questions for the Bar Examination 26 April 2019
Order 2 Order Deeming Certain Records of the Library of Parliament Needful and Protected 29 April 2019
Order 3 Order Recommending to the Open Parliament Statutory Changes Regarding Citations and Related Matters 6 May 2019
Order 4 Standing Order Implementing the Social Liberal Union Bar Examination 20 July 2019
Order 5 Order Authorizing the Amendment of Thirteen Questions in the Bar Examination 28 May 2021