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Koiho Flag.svg
16th World Assembly Delegate
In office
10 November 2019 – 21 June 2020
Preceded byCourelli
Succeeded byHelvurium
18th Minister of Domestic Affairs
In office
15 July 2018 – 1 August 2018
DelegateNorth American Republics
Preceded byNorth American Republics
Succeeded byCourelli
21st Minister of Immigration
In office
12 December 2018 – 6 August 2019
DelegateGoncar, Courelli
Preceded byChameliya
Succeeded byJyskmark
Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs
In office
22 June 2018 – 15 July 2018
Preceded byHirematia
Succeeded byKoiho
In office
1 August 2018 – 12 December 2018
DelegateNorth American Republics
Preceded byKoiho
Succeeded byHelvurium
In office
6 August 2019 – 10 November 2019
Preceded byNorth American Republics
Member of the Law Commission
In office
17 June 2018 – 12 December 2018
Appointed byDelegate Courelli
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byPaschimbanga
Nation details
Founded8 October 2016 CE
(5 years ago)

Koiho (/ˈkʰijɔ/), or the Community of Koiho (Koihoan: Efosteis Koihon), is a constitutional federal republic in the Social Liberal Union. It consists of 19 communities, and its seat of federal authority rests in the capital city of Anastas.


Chair of the
Executive Committee
Koiho chair.jpg
Doksa Proihodei, Ph.D
Party Affiliation
Executive Branch of the Koiho Government
Style Hsoki (informal)
Ustogi (formal)
Ustogi (diplomatic)
Status Head of Government
Abbreviation U.
Nominator Political Parties
Appointer Election by popular vote
Term Length Four-year term,
renewable once
Residence Designated dwelling on Aþalosenteja
Seat Anastas, ANA, Koiho
Constituting instrument Koihonketosketarnas (Constitution of Koiho)
Formation X August 1202
First holder ???
Website koiho.ko/ustogi