Holiday Inactivity Delaying Act

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Holiday Inactivity Delaying Act
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted4 January 2013
Legislative history
Introduced on28 December 2012
Introduced byAzerzia
Voting began28 December 2012
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results6 Yea, 1 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Status: Repealed
This act delays the implementation of acts passed in the month of December of 2012 CE, which have not yet gone into effect, due to the complications involved with holiday inactivity.

Section 1

This Act observes that:

1.1. the month of December is a time of festivities of religious, racial and social importance around the world, which causes many governments to take time off

1.2. an act amendment passed early in December of 2012 was then put on hold by the Speaker due to negative effects of the act amendment

1.3. proper discussion on the act amendment replacing the one on hold could not occur due to government holidays.

1.4. pushing through the replacement act without discussion with a majority of states is unfair to them, while letting the act on hold go into effect is unfair to those states negatively effected.

Section 2

This Act seeks to answer these issues with the following:

2.1. The delaying of implementation of the act amendment until the replacement act amendment can finish being voted upon or until January 15.

2.2. Official apologies given to the original authors of the delayed act amendment due to the legal issues involved in implementing it

Section 3

This Act recommends that, as holiday inactivity will happen yearly, that this act be renewed each year in some modified form for the holiday season.