Historical states of Courelli

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Courelli, up until the Peninsular Unification in the mid-19th century, was a conglomeration of city-states, republics, and other independent entities. The following is a list of the various historical states on the Atlian peninsula during that period.

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File:Blason de la ville de Thanville (Bas-Rhin).svg
State Duration
Kingdom of Sabinia START – END
Kingdom of Casentia START – END
Kingdom of Pioria START – END
Kingdom of Valoria START – END
Kingdom of Pioria and Valoria START – END
Holy Kingdom of Trevisia START – END
Blason ville fr Lacroix-Falgarde (Haute-Garonne).svg Udinesian Confederacy START – END
Blason famille fr Fleckenstein.svg Iadanian League START – END
Kingdom of Lorenia START – END
Dominion of Bianccia START – END
Biancci-Lorenian Empire START – END


State Duration
Armoiries de Preisch 2.svg Kingdom of Atlia START – END
CoA Zähringen Family.svg First Atlian Republic START – END
CoA Zähringen Family.svg Second Atlian Republic START – END
CoA Diepholz County.svg Milonian Empire START – END
CoA Thuringia County Palatine.svg Kingdom of Lesia START – END
Blason ville fr AireLys (PDC).svg Kingdom of Courelli START – END
Blason Fr famille Mimiague (Bayonne).svg Republic of Courelli START – END

Central Peninsular

State Duration
Kingdom of Nicostia START – END
Confederacy of Eboria START – END
Kingdom of Conselia START – END
United Kingdoms of Conselia and Nicostia START – END
Merchant Republic of Conselia START – END


State Duration
Agno-coat of arms.svg Kingdom of Baresia START – END
Blason Chassemy.svg Queendom of Noria START – END
Blason de la ville de Thanville (Bas-Rhin).svg Federation of Pisania START – END
Blason ville de Herzberg-am-Harz.svg Kingdom of Arennia START – END
Blason commandeur Charles de Certaines de Villemolin.svg Republic of Pisania START – END