Historic Original Region Governance Act

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Historic Original Region Governance Act
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted12 September 2021
Legislative history
Introduced on20 August 2021
Introduced byAnaaxes
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results10 Yea, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Status: In force

This Act provides for the custody and administration of the historic original Social Liberal Union region and its respective founder nation to assure their long-term preservation and to protect them against loss or misuse.

Section 1. Steward of the Original Region and New Founder Account

The original "Social Liberal Union" region was reclaimed and refounded under the authority of the Cabinet on 19 February 2021 using the founder nation known as the "Sarian Islands," controlled by trusted Member State Courelli at the time of this Act's enactment, and such actions are hereby ratified and confirmed. The reclaimed original region shall perpetually be kept in trust in the name of and behalf of the Open Parliament as a historic property of the Social Liberal Union, as its former home for nearly 10 years. In order prevent any false governments or third parties from misappropriating the region or its name, the original region shall be governed as provided by this Act. The State now in control of the founder nation of the original region and any future other State lawfully holding such office shall be referred to as the steward of the original region.

Section 2. Cabinet to Collectively Administer Original Region

The members of the Cabinet of the Social Liberal Union, sitting as a board of administration ex officio, are hereby collectively empowered to provide for the good order and maintenance of the original region and its founder nation against loss or expropriation, and, shall exercise executive power and authority in and over said region as provided by this Act and the general laws of the Social Liberal Union, subject to the Constitution.

Clause 1. The World Assembly Delegate shall be chair of the board. The Minister of Domestic Affairs shall temporarily act as chair in the event of vacancy or incapacity of the Delegate.
Clause 2. The board may, by a majority of all regular members thereof, prescribe reasonable written rules and regulations for carrying into effect the provisions of this Act, when not otherwise herein provided. The board shall ensure a public document containing all extant standing rules and regulations is maintained on the Library of Parliament or in another suitable location.
Clause 3. Such rules and regulations, and the other orders of the board, shall be effective immediately upon being laid upon floor of the Open Parliament, unless otherwise specified by the terms thereof. A steward shall take care to execute the lawful orders, rules, and regulations of the board of administration within the original region without undue delay. No Member State shall be subject to criminal or civil liability on account of any order, rule, or regulation which has not been duly laid before the floor of the Open Parliament.
Clause 4. The original region shall be kept password-protected at all times and no State may enter without the prior authority of the board or the chair thereof, under such terms as the board may prescribe, including forbidding any admitted States from being members of the World Assembly under penalty of ejection from that region.
Clause 5. The board may require the steward to configure the original region as directed, alter the regional password and provide confidential notice thereof to the chair, and to provide status reports no more often than every 60 days on the state of access to the founder nation. If the steward allows the original region's founder nation to cease to exist without approval of the board or fails to provide a status report to the board within 10 days of actually receiving such a request, it shall create a rebuttable presumption that good cause exists to replace the steward for the purposes of Section 3 of this Act.
Clause 6. The authorities conferred by this Act upon the Cabinet sitting as the board supersede any found in the Special Foreign Relations and Insular Policy Act with respect to governance of the historic original region, which are hereby abrogated.

Section 3. Steward Tenure and Role of the Speaker of the Union

The steward shall hold their office during the pleasure of the board of administration, but in the absence of the steward's resignation, cessation of existence or Member State status, or removal from office pursuant to the Constitution, the steward may not be replaced without prior judicial authorization upon petition of the board for good cause shown. The Speaker of the Union shall be an ex officio advisory member of the board of administration and shall be privy to its proceedings and decisions, but shall have no vote unless the board be equally divided. Provided, in all cases whatsoever, a steward may not be appointed nor removed by the board without the concurrence of the Speaker, as representative of the Open Parliament's interests, to the same.