Grolschian Constitutional Period

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Grolschian Constitutional Period
Grolsch Era.png
15 November 2012 (2012-11-15) – 22 May 2013 (2013-05-22)
Executive Officers
World Assembly DelegateGrolsch
PredecessorMillylandish Constitutional Period
SuccessorSecond Eggic Constitutional Period

Grolsch pledged to reform the judiciary, revitalize role-play, and help increase recruiting. He defeated Bonaria 69% to 31%. Under his term, the position of Public Prosecutor was created to prosecute states not in compliance with the SLU's laws. Also, the Regional Honors and Awards Act was passed, and Cemaes and Mare Nectaris were awarded the Order of the Dove and the Rose. The Electoral Reform Act was also passed, which codifies election procedures. The first time this Act went into effect was the Delegate Election of February 2013. In it, member state Ceni ran against him and lost 67% to 33% with a voter turnout of 21 voters, one of the highest ever. Also going into effect in this election was E-2, which provided for parliamentary review of election telegrams. The only person who was affected by this was Ceni, who sent out a massive telegram campaign to solicit votes. During his new term, a Governmental Reorganization Act, reorganizing the government and getting rid of the Ministry of Defense, was passed. A milestone was reached when Ceni was elected to Speaker of the Union, the first time someone not from the so-called "Old Guard" was elected. The second half of the term was marred by computer issues of the Delegate, who chose not to run in the next elections, scheduled for May 2013.