First Eggic Constitutional Period

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First Eggic Constitutional Period
Eggy Era.png
12 May 2011 (2011-05-12) – 11 February 2012 (2012-02-11)
Executive Officers
World Assembly DelegateEggy216
Minister of Foreign AffairsMintonity
Minister of Domestic AffairsAzerzia (as Minister of Communications)
North American Republics
Minister of ImmigrationMare Nectaris
Peace Strivers
Legislative Officers
Speaker of the UnionDestorio (as Parliamentary Secretary)
Independent Officers
PredecessorPreconstitutional Period
SuccessorAzerzian Constitutional Period

Eggy216's First Constitutional Term (12 May 2011 to 11 August 2011)

After winning election as the Social Liberal Union's first constitutional World Assembly Delegate, Eggy216 created the first Cabinet (as described in the Executive Cabinet Act, or ECA), consisting of his opponents, Mintonity and Azerzia, as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Communications respectively, Mare Nectaris, as Minister of Immigration, and Destorio as Parliamentary Secretary.

During this term, the SLU became ever larger under Mare Nectaris' guidance at Immigration. Azerzia saw to changes to the Constitution, passing Amendments 2-5, which revoked Amendment 1, created an elected version of the Founder called the Speaker of the Union, and limited the Delegate's powers, dividing it between the Delegate and the Ministers.

Azerzia also authored an addition to the Executive Cabinet Act, called the Modified Executive Cabinet Act or MECA, which merged the powers of Parliamentary Secretary and Speaker of the Union and expanded the powers of the ministries to cover all facets of activities. Mintonity saw to the creation of an alliance with the Democratic Socialist Assembly following their split from the Democratic Socialist Alliance, which was caused by abuse of power by the DSAlliance Founder Cynthia McKinney. At that time, the Democratic Socialist Assembly was by far the most influential and largest democratic leftist region in NationStates.

There was discussion of the SLU joining the Founderless Region Alliance but it was decided to not be in the regions best interests. Azerzia joined the organization individually, later leaving the region for a few hours to assist, poorly, in a liberation attempt with the FRA.

It was around this time that the Floridian Coast left the SLU for role-play oriented regions, leaving the only ever serving delegate in the region at the time as Eggy216.

Two more Amendments were passed in this time, 6 and 7, written by Mare Nectaris and Gunir/Azerzia respectively, which were for the possibility of the WA delegate being ejected from the WA and created term limits on the delegacy.

As the first term wound down in late July, Destorio had a period of on-and-off activity, which hindered use of the regional forum. The election started with Eggy216, Mare Nectaris and Goncar running for Delegate. Problems with the forum led to a crisis and a switch, first temporary and then permanent, to the current forum administrated by Azerzia. Eggy216 ran on a platform of continuing the status quo, Mare Nectaris ran on changes to the running of immigration based on his experience as Minister of Immigration. Goncar ran on a platform of increased regional security. Eggy216 won by a significant margin.

Eggy216's Second Constitutional Term (12 August 2011 to 11 November 2011)

Eggy216 maintained his Cabinet for his second term, minus Destorio. The position of Parliamentary Secretary was not filled for this period due to the soon upcoming first Speaker Elections. The region decreased in size during this period, possibly due to school related decreases in free time increasing inactivity. This reduced activity also affected Mare Nectaris and immigration slowed. Little happened in the first half, other than a change of names from "Ministry of Communications" to "Ministry of Domestic Affairs" and clarification on the powers of the Ministries by means of an amendment to the ECA and an act defining regional policy on embassies. In the middle of the term, a major shift happened: both Mintonity and Mare Nectaris stepped down and Azerzia was elected the first Speaker of the Union. The election of the first Speaker of the Union, for a term of three months, ended on 29 September after a two week period of self-nomination and open, preferential voting. Azerzia was nominated by Michutopia, Gunir by Mintonity, Peace Strivers by Millyland and Millyland by Goncar. Mare Nectaris was also nominated by Mintonity but declined. Azerzia won by a significant margin in the election.

To replace the original Ministers, Eggy216 placed Gunir at Foreign Affairs, Michutopia at Domestic Affairs and Peace Strivers at Immigration. Gunir and Peace Strivers maintained the positions of the previous occupants, albeit improving the functionality of both Ministries. Michutopia completely revamped the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, turning it in a truly core portion of the region. The region continued to grow in size, breaking 200 for the first time. These changes in the region continued to the next Delegate election. In that election, Eggy216 faced Goncar, Millyland, Peace Strivers, and Michutopia. Azerzia stated he would administer the election but was busy during the important times of the election and so it was run by Gunir for all practical purposes. Eggy216 again ran on a policy of keeping the status quo, although promising to not run again, and Goncar again on regional defense. Millyland and Peace Strivers both ran on platforms emphasizing involvement in the region although not making calls for new changes in the region. Michutopia called for a government which listened to the population of the region directly and acted as a direct democracy, similar to Eggy216's style. In the end, Eggy216 won by a large margin and maintained the delegacy.

Eggy216's Third Constitutional Term (12 November 2011 to 11 February 2012)

Eggy216 chose to maintain his second cabinet. Azerzia stayed on, due to his term as Speaker. During this time, Michutopia went inactive and was replaced by North American Republics. Peace Strivers was temporarily inactive, so her duties were performed by Millyland in the interim. NAR continued the activities of their predecessors, and Millyland went back to his post when Peace Strivers returned without issue. Regional power also reached high levels, with over 260 member states.

During this time several important events took place: The creation of a forum between the DSA and the SLU, the re-election of Azerzia as Speaker, and the passage of a number of acts to change several functions of the SLU and the return of Ainland. In the [[1]], the Founder, Cynthia McKinney, an enemy of the DSAssembly and the SLU, timed out. This allowed for a reopening of relations between the two regions. Also fundamentally important was a crisis in the Leftist Interregional. The LI, as it was known, was supposed to be a forum for discussion among left leaning regions in NationStates. It failed to meet its goals and was used by Anti-FA raider regions to discredit universal defending, but still left leaning, defender regions. The DSAssembly, a member of the LI, spoke out against such practices, especially those against other members of the LI and the DSAlliance. The SLU was considering entering the LI (which had been considered previously but always turned down), and was voting on it when the crisis above came to light. The vote was in favor until Azerzia declared its intention to change its vote to against to make clear the displeasure of the SLU. Azerzia also stated an idea of creating a democratic leftist, or even democratic moderate, interregional organization to replace the LI. This idea grew into the 'Democratic Regions Alliance', later referred to as the Union of Democratic Leftist Regions (UDLR), which would include the DSAs and the SLU in a defensive, supportive organization whose goals would be to present a united front to the WA and to hostile regions. It would provide for peaceful and friendly relations between individual member states within the three regions.

Due to the coming holidays, the Speaker election was held early to allow for the maximum number of members being able to vote. Azerzia was nominated by Cemaes and Cemaes was nominated by Goncar for the position. Millyland was nominated by Eggy216, but declined, which led to another roleplay war within the region. In a close race, Azerzia was re-elected on 22 December. Soon after the start of his second term however, the term was ended with the return of Ainland to NationStates. At that point, Azerzia became the ministry level position of Parliamentary secretary last used in August by Destorio. Ainland has been fairly inactive but has kept in contact with the important leaders of the SLU (Eggy216 and Azerzia particularly) to stay on top of events.

Leading up to and during the election for Speaker, Azerzia proposed the REPA and the VRA, which were passed. The Re-Aligned Executive Powers Act (REPA) adds a Ministry of Defense and clearly lays out the organization of the regional government, which had been vague in the MECA and ECA. The VRA or Voting Regulation Act saw to codify the election traditions of the SLU into actual rules which would have to be followed.

After all of this happened in short succession in late November and December, January was quiet. At the end of January, the next Delegate election began, administered by Eggy216. It would be the first time Eggy216 would not be running in a Delegate election. Azerzia, Gunir, Goncar and Timpetotia ran in the election. Gunir ran on a position following Eggy216's stance on a weaker delegacy with high ministerial independence. Azerzia supported a stronger delegacy with more control over the ministers. Goncar ran on a platform about regional defense and Timpetotia, a new comer, ran on a platform to change the region into a more politically moderate region by allowing social libertarians to join. Azerzia won unanimously, with Gunir taking the majority of second round votes.