February 2017 Speaker of the Union election

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February 2017 Speaker of the Union election
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Member States eligible to vote
Majority of votes needed to win
Turnout17 voters
  Odd Republic Flag.png Anaaxes Flag.png
Candidate Odd Republic Anaaxes
Popular votes 9 8
Percentage 52.94% 47.06%

Speaker before election

North American Republics (Acting)
Lawattsia (Last elected)

Elected Speaker

Odd Republic

Nominations and campaigning for the position of Speaker of the Union opened on 7 February 2017, and closed on 20 February 2017. The Interim Speaker, North American Republics, served as the Election Administrator. The vote was automatically tabulated and publicly auditable on the voting portal, so there was no specific vote verifier in this election. There were 17 total votes cast, with no abstentions.[1] The incumbent Speaker, North American Republics, declined to run in the election. Odd Republic won the election after gaining more first preference vote than Anaaxes. They took office on 27 February 2017 for a six month term ending on 27 August 2017. This was the first Speaker election in over eight months, and the during that time, the Invasion of October 2016 occurred and the region had three Speakers serve: Lawattsia (elected but later resigned), Grolsch (interim), and North American Republics (interim).

New Ireland and Wales nominated themselves on 8 February, but later withdrew on the 14th. Mintonity nominated Eggy216 on the 8th, but they declined the nomination on the 13th. Odd Republic nominated themselves on the 9th. Chameliya nominated Anaaxes on the 13th, and they accepted the nomination on the 14th.[2]