Election Administrator

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Election Administrator
Open Parliament Seal.png
Seal of the Open Parliament
Legislative Branch of the SLU Government
Reports toSpeaker of the Union
Term lengthLength of election or legislative vote;
At the pleasure of the Speaker
Constituting instrumentSLU Constitution
Voting Reform and Fair Political Practices Act

The Election Administrator is the state charged with proper handling of elections and legislative votes. They designate start and end dates for voting (inasmuch as they can beyond the discretion of the Speaker of the Union and relevant laws) and certify election results along with at least one confirming state. Their duties are mainly found in and regulated by Article 8 of the Constitution and the Voting Reform and Fair Political Practices Act. They are designated by the Speaker of the Union and must not be a candidate or behave with partiality to candidates; the Speaker may and often does serve as Election Administrator.