Court of Justice Registrar and Judicial Council Act

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Court of Justice Registrar and Judicial Council Act
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted2 May 2015
Date repealed20 May 2017
Legislative history
Introduced on21 April 2015
Introduced byAnaaxes
Voting began24 April 2015
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results6 Yea, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Repealing legislation
SLU Modernization Act
Status: Repealed

Understanding that there is currently no codified process to establish rules of judicial procedure and other policies for the Court of Justice. Further understanding that the Court of Justice currently has no administrative or clerical officer. This act seeks rectify these issues by establishing the Judicial Council and the position of Registrar of the Court of Justice.[2]

Section 1. To create the position of Registrar of the Social Liberal Union Court of Justice (“the Registrar”).

1.1. The Registrar shall be appointed by the Justices of the Social Liberal Union Court of Justice.
1.2. A state may not be appointed as Registrar unless:
(1) they have no criminal conviction(s);
(2) they have been a member state for at least four months (nonconsecutively is acceptable); and
(3) they are not a member of the Cabinet.
1.3. The Registrar shall hold their office for an indefinite term, and may be replaced at any time.

Section 2. To codify the duties of the Registrar.

2.1. The Registrar shall be the secretary of the Council. The Registrar shall document, archive, and publicize all rules adopted by the Council.
2.2. The Registrar shall manage the docket of the Court of Justice, and enter and number cases in the order in which they are received.
2.3. The Registrar shall have access to all proceedings of the Court of Justice.
2.4. The Registrar shall be the regular channel of communications to and from the Court of Justice and in all communications, notifications, and transmissions of documents required by the Court of Justice, the Council, or by law.
2.5. The Registrar shall sign all judgments, advisory opinions, and orders of the Court of Justice.
2.6. The Registrar shall be custodian of the seals and stamps of the Court of Justice, if any exist.

Section 3. To establish the Judicial Council of the Social Liberal Union (“the Council”) and to codify its members.

3.1. The Council shall consist of:
(1) the Justices of the Court of Justice;
(2) the Registrar; and
(3) the Speaker of the Union.
3.2. Council membership shall terminate immediately if a member of the Council ceases to hold the position or status that previously qualified them to be a member of the Council.
3.3. Council members, as identified in 3.1, each have one vote.
3.4. Non-voting, advisory members of the Council may be appointed, at the Council’s discretion with a simple majority vote, and who serves at the Council’s pleasure and performs functions delegated by the Council, other than adopting rules of court administration, practice, and procedure.

Section 4. To codify the authority and mission of the Judicial Council of the Social Liberal Union.

4.1. The Council shall be the administrative and rule-making body of the judiciary of the Social Liberal Union.
4.2. The Council may adopt and enforce rules for court administration, practice and procedure, and perform other functions prescribed by law.
4.2.1. Rules adopted shall not be inconsistent with the Constitution, this Act, or any other law.
4.3. The Council’s primary mission is to reasonably ensure the consistent, independent, impartial, and accessible administration of justice.