Court of Justice

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Court of Justice of the
Social Liberal Union
SLU Judicial Branch
Seal of the Court of Justice
Third Constitution of the Social Liberal Union

The Court of Justice of the Social Liberal Union is the chief judicial body of the region, presided over normally by the Chancellor. Its duties and powers are outlined primarily in Article 9 of the Constitution. It has the power to adjudicate civil and criminal disputes and issue advisory opinions, and any other judicial body authorized by law would have inferior status. The Chancellor appoints a Registrar to assist in proper compilation of judicial matters and legal research, where needed, pursuant to the Civil Service Act. Members of the Bar of the Court of Justice are the only states who can practice law (represent another state or multiple states in court proceedings).

Judicial Officers

Appointed by
Assumed office
Courelli Flag.png
Chancellor Open Parliament 7 August 2021
Vacant Flag.png
Registrar of the Court Chancellor