Courellian People

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This is a list of notable Courellians, including both those of native origin and immigrants who obtained Courellian nationality, organized alphabetically within their appropriate category.


Alberto Écci


Hellingsford Freeman

Lucas Potvin


Antonio Griati

Sergio Vitella

Business & industry

Louis Pellman


Venetto Albari




Historical figures



Wesley Philler



James Davison

Justin Thatch


Sebastiano Domenico

Air Force




Aaron Bordin

Andrew Blythe

James Carmine

Andrea Cesena

Elizabeth Clarke

b. 1968

Aurelio Di Blasi

Margaret Dyson

b. 1943

Martin Everton

George Gayle

Jacob Hartley

b. 1963

Sebastian King

Verenzio Magliocco

William Mather

Raccele Mena

Wilson Murphy

Augustus Péro

1923 – 2007

William Ricco

Emilia Sarni

John Shandley

Charles Springer

Amelia Sudano

Joshua Thomas

b. 1980

Isabella Toma

Michael Wallace

b. 1947

John Wescott

Speakers of the National Assembly

Members of the National Assembly


Provincial Executive Councilors



Holy Dalinist Church


The Archon (Atlian: Arconte), is the spiritual leader of the Holy Dalinist Church. Since 1419, the Archon has resided in the Divine Cathedral of the Great Prophet in Aleotti, EN, Courelli. The current Archon is Philippe XIV, who was elected on 17 December 2004, succeeding Francisco VI.

According to Dalinist tradition, the Archon was established by Dalin in the 1st century BCE. The position of Archon is one of the most enduring institutions in the world and has had a prominent part in world history. In ancient times the Archon helped spread Dalinism, and intervened to find resolutions in various doctrinal disputes. In the Middle Ages, they played a role of secular importance, often acting as arbitrators between Dalinist monarchs. Currently, in addition to the expansion of the Dalinist faith and doctrine, the Archon is involved in ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, charitable work, and the defense of human rights.

In some periods of history, the Archon accrued wide secular powers rivaling those of secular rulers. However, in recent centuries the secular authority of the Archon has declined and is now almost exclusively focused on religious matters. By contrast, claims of spiritual authority have been increasingly firmly expressed over time, culminating in 1478 with the proclamation of the Doctrine of Archal Apotheosis - that upon ascension as Archon, one becomes the holy vessel of the Great Prophet Dalin - which gave the Archon broad authority to issue formal definitions of faith or morals. To this day, the Archon is considered one of the world's most powerful people because of his extensive diplomatic, cultural, and spiritual influence.

Avus the Righteous
Philippe XIV


A Vexus (Atlian: Sacerdote) is a leader of a national division of the Church appointed by the Archon. He generally chooses Apti who lead important Aptates, or otherwise demonstrate particularly exceptional service to the Church. As a whole, the Vexi compose the Council of Aleotti, which selects and advises the Archon. The position of Vexus is not an integral part of the theological structure of the Holy Dalinist Church, but largely an honorific distinction that has its origins in the fact that the Archon is selected by the principal clergy.

It is worth noting that not all Vexi served first as an Aptus. The 1712 revision to the Books of Practice introduced the requirement that a Vexus must be at least a Patri. Previously, they were only required to be a member of minor non-clerical orders. However, it is rare that the Archon will appoint Vexi who are Patri only and not serving as an Aptus, as Vexi have precedence over all other clerical positions.



In the Holy Dalinist Church, a Patrus is an ordained minister who governs a local congregation, teaches doctrine, purifies the world, and upholds the Four Corners of the Church. As of 2020, there were approximately 102,371 living Patri.



Mégara of Eboria


Royalty & nobility

Kings & queens

Princes & princesses

Corvus of Leos

Sofia of Courelli

Dukes & duchesses

Lords & ladies



Science & technology