Courellian Locations

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Government buildings

Hall of the National Assembly

High Court

Religious buildings

Divine Cathedral of the Great Prophet

Universities & colleges

Archon Francesco IV National Seminary

Arcuri Academy of Art

Beckinridge College of Liberal Arts

Black Hill College

Cavalli Institute of Ecology

Clarke University

Domenico Naval Academy

Énaudi Institute of Technology

Fitzgerald University

Malikaḷjanggama School of Ṭeḷḷaṇgganayaṃṃa

Jacobi College

King's College

King's College in Giannini

King's College in Scelsi

Monteverdi Military Institute

Panicucci Community College

Port Gray University

San Micheli State University

Settimio Valley Conservatory

Di Blasi Academy of Statecraft and Diplomacy

St. Alphaeus College

St. Mégara University

Named for Mégara of Eboria, a Dalinist prophet.

Totti University

University of Avanua

University of Monteverdi

University of Monteverdi at Aureli

University of West Giordano

Valentinian Divinity School

William J. Bell School of Law