Courellian Geography

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Geography of Courelli
RegionWestern Erede
Highest pointMonte Gabrieli

Courelli is located in western Erede, and is comprised of the Atlian peninsula, the tropical island of Avanua, and several other smaller islands. Courelli is part of the Northern Hemisphere. Its total area is TBA, of which TBA is land and TBA is water. It lies between latitudes TBA° and TBA° N, and longitudes TBA° and TBA° E. Nearby countries include Sgáwpîtyàw, Hirematia, and Lawattsia. The total border length is TBA. Including islands, Courelli has a coastline of TBA on the Lorenian Sea, the Sea of Serenity, and the Rhumasae Ocean.

Courelli is located in western Erede, lying between latitudes TBA° and TBA° N, and longitudes TBA° and TBA° E, and bordering unincorporated continental Eredean territory to the east, the Lorenian Sea to the north, and the Sea of Serenity to the south. To the east, Courelli's border is roughly delimited by the Udiné Mountains. To the west, it consists of the entirety of the Atlian peninsula and St. Mégara's Isles, and to the far south, the equatorial island of Avanua.

The country's total area is TBA sq mi, of which TBA sq mi is land and TBA sq mi is water. Including the islands, Courelli has a coastline and border of TBA miles.

Geographical divisions

Atlian peninsula

The Atlian peninsula is a geographical region of Western Erede delimited to the north and east by the Udiné Mountains and overlooking the Rhumasae Ocean – in particular the Lorenian Sea and the Sea of Serenity.


St. Mégara's Isles

Named for Mégara of Eboria, a Dalinist prophet.


Courellian topography
Courellian topography
Courellian topography
The peak of Monte Gabrieli.

Almost 40% of the Courellian mainland is mountainous, with the Udiné Mountains in the east and the Conselian Ridge forming the backbone of the Atlian peninsula. To the south of the Ridge lies a large plain, the Central Lowlands.

Worldwide-known mountains in Courelli are Monte Gabrieli and Monte Pagiani in the Udinés, Monte Marticci in the Ridge, and Monte Arni in Avanua. The highest peak in Courelli is Monte Gabrieli, at TBA ft above sea level.

Conselian Ridge

Udiné Mountains

The Udiné Mountains are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Courelli, stretching approximately TBA miles. The Udiné arch generally extends from TBA on the Sea of Serenity to Magnani on the Lorenian Sea and Falceri at the beginning of the Conselian Ridge. The mountains were formed over tens of millions of years as Eredean tectonic plates collided. The Udiné region contains 116 peaks higher than 4,000 m (13,000 ft), with Monte Gabrieli being the highest. The altitude and size of the range affect the climate in Courelli; in the mountains, precipitation levels vary greatly and climatic conditions consist of distinct zones.


Major bodies of water near Courelli
Lorenian Sea
Lorenian Sea
Sea of Serenity
Sea of Serenity
Major bodies of water near Courelli

Three different bodies of water surround the Atlian peninsula from three sides: the Lorenian Sea in the north, the Sea of Serenity in the south, and the Rhumasae Ocean in the west. Courellian coasts include the TBA, TBA, TBA, and TBA.

Lorenian Sea

Amalfi Coast viewed from the Tyrrhenian Sea 71.jpg

The Lorenian Sea is a body of water separating the Atlian peninsula from Sgáwpîtyàw. It is divided into three basins, the northern being the shallowest and the southern being the deepest, with a maximum depth of 1,233 metres (4,045 ft).

Rhumasae Ocean

Sea of Serenity

Adriatic Sea - panoramio (1).jpg

The Sea of Serenity is part of the Rhumasae Ocean off the southern coast of Courelli.


Courellian rivers are numerous due to the relative abundance of rains in the north and to the presence of mountainous snowfields and glaciers in the east.

The Udiné Mountains run along the entire length of the Atlian peninsula, dividing Courelli's rivers into two opposite sides. The fundamental watershed follows the ridge of the Udinés, and rivers drain either into the Lorenian Sea to the north, or into the Sea of Serenity to the south. Taking into consideration their origin and ending, Courellian rivers can be divided into two main groups: the Udiné-Lorenian rivers to the north and the Udiné-Lowlands rivers to the south.

The TBA, Courelli's longest river, flows from the Conselian Ridge, and crosses through the Central Lowlands on its way to Port Gray in Leoncavallo, where it drains into the Sea of Serenity.



In the east of the country are a number of subalpine lakes, the largest of which is TBA (TBA sq mi). Other well known subalpine lakes are TBA (TBA sq mi) and TBA (TBA sq mi).

Other notable lakes in the Atlian peninsula are TBA (TBA sq mi) in Énaudi, TBA (TBA sq mi) in Sovino, and TBA (TBA sq mi) in Giordano.

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