Courellian Geography

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Courelli is divided into 6 administrative provinces, of which 5 are located in mainland Courelli (i.e. on the Atlian peninsula).

Province Flag Abbreviation Capital City Population
(sq. mi.)
Population Density
(pop./sq. mi.)
Einaudi Einaudi Flag.png EN Leoncavallo 65,474,976 144,875.637 451.939
Monteverdi Monteverdi Flag.png MV Falceri 46,117,536 125,005.049 368.925
Salieri Salieri Flag.png SL Bassano 37,175,040 93,727.600 396.629
Giordiano Giordiano Flag.png GR Picci 30,075,984 126,798.231 237.196
Casella Casella Flag.png CS Monte Gabrieli 23,958,144 128,877.401 184.467
Hart Isle Hart Isle Flag.png HI Cilea 10,697,046 53,488.401 199.988


In the administrative divisions of Courelli, the District is one of the three levels of government under the national level, between the Provinces and the Boroughs. There are thirty districts, with five in each Province. Districts are further subdivided into 180 Boroughs, which have have no autonomy, and are used for the organisation of police, fire departments, and other localized government operations.

District Abbreviation Province Population (2018)
Campanella Cmp. Einaudi (EN) 26,189,990
Chiarello Chr. Einaudi (EN) 13,094,995
Floridi Flr. Einaudi (EN) 10,032,066
Virno Vno. Einaudi (EN) 9,610,328
Borradori Bdr. Einaudi (EN) 6,547,597
Cacciari Ccr. Monteverdi (MV) 18,447,014
Severino Svn. Monteverdi (MV) 9,223,507
Abbagnano Abg. Monteverdi (MV) 7,147,810
Marramao Mrm. Monteverdi (MV) 6,687,442
Achillini Ach. Monteverdi (MV) 4,611,763
Vico Vco. Salieri (SL) 14,870,106
Leopardi Lpd. Salieri (SL) 7,435,009
Ficino Fcn. Salieri (SL) 5,759,405
Evola Evl. Salieri (SL) 5,393,016
Bobbio Bbo. Salieri (SL) 3,717,504
Telesio Tls. Giordiano (GR) 12,030,394
Boccaccio Bco. Giordiano (GR) 6,015,186
Ferrante Frn. Giordiano (GR) 4,707,305
Camilleri Cml. Giordiano (GR) 4,315,498
Annunzio Anz. Giordiano (GR) 3,007,601
Svevo Svo. Casella (CS) 9,613,256
Mazzantini Mzt. Casella (CS) 4,762,628
Saviano Svi. Casella (CS) 3,790,801
Beni Bni. Casella (CS) 3,385,641
Tabucchi Tbc. Casella (CS) 2,405,818
Sgreccia Sgr. Hart Isle (HI) 4,278,818
Caffarra Cfr. Hart Isle (HI) 2,139,409
Bovone Bvn. Hart Isle (HI) 1,905,434
Laghi Lgh. Hart Isle (HI) 1,303,678
Quarracino Qcn. Hart Isle (HI) 1,069,707


District seat
Provincial capital and District seat
§ National capital, Provincial capital, and District seat

Name Province District Population (2018)
Leoncavallo § Einaudi (EN) Campanella (Cmp.) POPULATION
Peri Einaudi (EN) Campanella (Cmp.) POPULATION
Allesi Einaudi (EN) Campanella (Cmp.) POPULATION
Albano Einaudi (EN) Campanella (Cmp.) POPULATION
Gallo Einaudi (EN) Campanella (Cmp.) POPULATION
Aleotti Einaudi (EN) Chiarello (Chr.) POPULATION
Giovinco Einaudi (EN) Chiarello (Chr.) POPULATION
Miniati Einaudi (EN) Chiarello (Chr.) POPULATION
Siciliani Einaudi (EN) Chiarello (Chr.) POPULATION
Nervi Einaudi (EN) Chiarello (Chr.) POPULATION
Castiglione Einaudi (EN) Floridi (Flr.) POPULATION
Monaldo Einaudi (EN) Floridi (Flr.) POPULATION
Marotta Einaudi (EN) Floridi (Flr.) POPULATION
Montalti Einaudi (EN) Floridi (Flr.) POPULATION
Folliero Einaudi (EN) Floridi (Flr.) POPULATION
Palermo Einaudi (EN) Virno (Vno.) POPULATION
Zito Einaudi (EN) Virno (Vno.) POPULATION
Rossi Einaudi (EN) Virno (Vno.) POPULATION
Beneventini Einaudi (EN) Virno (Vno.) POPULATION
Lettiere Einaudi (EN) Virno (Vno.) POPULATION
Volta Einaudi (EN) Borradori (Bdr.) POPULATION
Trentini Einaudi (EN) Borradori (Bdr.) POPULATION
Malvolio Einaudi (EN) Borradori (Bdr.) POPULATION
Erminio Einaudi (EN) Borradori (Bdr.) POPULATION
Lucciano Einaudi (EN) Borradori (Bdr.) POPULATION
Falceri Monteverdi (MV) Cacciari (Ccr.) POPULATION
Panicucci Monteverdi (MV) Cacciari (Ccr.) POPULATION
Aureli Monteverdi (MV) Cacciari (Ccr.) POPULATION
Locatello Monteverdi (MV) Cacciari (Ccr.) POPULATION
Lucchesi Monteverdi (MV) Cacciari (Ccr.) POPULATION
Dallapiccola Monteverdi (MV) Severino (Svn.) POPULATION
Ciccone Monteverdi (MV) Severino (Svn.) POPULATION
Bellini Monteverdi (MV) Severino (Svn.) POPULATION
Brichese Monteverdi (MV) Severino (Svn.) POPULATION
Cocci Monteverdi (MV) Severino (Svn.) POPULATION
Settimio Monteverdi (MV) Abbagnano (Abg.) POPULATION
Adona Monteverdi (MV) Abbagnano (Abg.) POPULATION
Fazio Monteverdi (MV) Abbagnano (Abg.) POPULATION
Vittorio Monteverdi (MV) Abbagnano (Abg.) POPULATION
Vanni Monteverdi (MV) Abbagnano (Abg.) POPULATION
Pugliesi Monteverdi (MV) Marramao (Mrm.) POPULATION
Bibiano Monteverdi (MV) Marramao (Mrm.) POPULATION
Caruso Monteverdi (MV) Marramao (Mrm.) POPULATION
Mazzanti Monteverdi (MV) Marramao (Mrm.) POPULATION
Panicucci Monteverdi (MV) Marramao (Mrm.) POPULATION
Endrizzi Monteverdi (MV) Achillini (Ach.) POPULATION
Passero Monteverdi (MV) Achillini (Ach.) POPULATION
Esposito Monteverdi (MV) Achillini (Ach.) POPULATION
Moretti Monteverdi (MV) Achillini (Ach.) POPULATION
Mariani Monteverdi (MV) Achillini (Ach.) POPULATION
Bassano Salieri (SL) Vico (Vco.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Vico (Vco.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Vico (Vco.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Vico (Vco.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Vico (Vco.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Leopardi (Lpd.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Leopardi (Lpd.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Leopardi (Lpd.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Leopardi (Lpd.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Leopardi (Lpd.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Ficino (Fcn.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Ficino (Fcn.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Ficino (Fcn.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Ficino (Fcn.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Ficino (Fcn.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Evola (Evl.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Evola (Evl.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Evola (Evl.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Evola (Evl.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Evola (Evl.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Bobbio (Bbo.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Bobbio (Bbo.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Bobbio (Bbo.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Bobbio (Bbo.) POPULATION
NAME Salieri (SL) Bobbio (Bbo.) POPULATION
Picci Giordiano (GR) Telesio (Tls.) POPULATION
Sordi Giordiano (GR) Telesio (Tls.) POPULATION
Brunelli Giordiano (GR) Telesio (Tls.) POPULATION
Filarete Giordiano (GR) Telesio (Tls.) POPULATION
Vignola Giordiano (GR) Telesio (Tls.) POPULATION
Lurano Giordiano (GR) Boccaccio (Bco.) POPULATION
Tognazzi Giordiano (GR) Boccaccio (Bco.) POPULATION
Giorgio Giordiano (GR) Boccaccio (Bco.) POPULATION
Maiano Giordiano (GR) Boccaccio (Bco.) POPULATION
Laurana Giordiano (GR) Boccaccio (Bco.) POPULATION
Cavalli Giordiano (GR) Ferrante (Frn.) POPULATION
Troisi Giordiano (GR) Ferrante (Frn.) POPULATION
Ligorio Giordiano (GR) Ferrante (Frn.) POPULATION
Michelozzo Giordiano (GR) Ferrante (Frn.) POPULATION
Palladio Giordiano (GR) Ferrante (Frn.) POPULATION
Cervi Giordiano (GR) Camilleri (Cml.) POPULATION
Verdoni Giordiano (GR) Camilleri (Cml.) POPULATION
Peruzzi Giordiano (GR) Camilleri (Cml.) POPULATION
San Micheli Giordiano (GR) Camilleri (Cml.) POPULATION
Scamozzi Giordiano (GR) Camilleri (Cml.) POPULATION
Caspanello Giordiano (GR) Annunzio (Anz.) POPULATION
Accorsi Giordiano (GR) Annunzio (Anz.) POPULATION
Serlio Giordiano (GR) Annunzio (Anz.) POPULATION
Borromini Giordiano (GR) Annunzio (Anz.) POPULATION
Gagliardi Giordiano (GR) Annunzio (Anz.) POPULATION
Monte Gabrieli Casella (CS) Svevo (Svo.) POPULATION
Calamai Casella (CS) Svevo (Svo.) POPULATION
San Sovino Casella (CS) Svevo (Svo.) POPULATION
Guarini Casella (CS) Svevo (Svo.) POPULATION
Campitelli Casella (CS) Svevo (Svo.) POPULATION
Cimarosa Casella (CS) Mazzantini (Mzt.) POPULATION
Cardinale Casella (CS) Mazzantini (Mzt.) POPULATION
Rastrelli Casella (CS) Mazzantini (Mzt.) POPULATION
Salvi Casella (CS) Mazzantini (Mzt.) POPULATION
Vaccarini Casella (CS) Mazzantini (Mzt.) POPULATION
Boito Casella (CS) Saviano (Svo.) POPULATION
Duse Casella (CS) Saviano (Svo.) POPULATION
San Vitelli Casella (CS) Saviano (Svo.) POPULATION
Bettoli Casella (CS) Saviano (Svo.) POPULATION
Cagnola Casella (CS) Saviano (Svo.) POPULATION
Giannini Casella (CS) Beni (Bni.) POPULATION
Lisi Casella (CS) Beni (Bni.) POPULATION
Canina Casella (CS) Beni (Bni.) POPULATION
Marvuglia Casella (CS) Beni (Bni.) POPULATION
Piranesi Casella (CS) Beni (Bni.) POPULATION
Manfredi Casella (CS) Tabucchi (Tbc.) POPULATION
Magnani Casella (CS) Tabucchi (Tbc.) POPULATION
Corazzi Casella (CS) Tabucchi (Tbc.) POPULATION
Trebbi Casella (CS) Tabucchi (Tbc.) POPULATION
Sabatini Casella (CS) Tabucchi (Tbc.) POPULATION
Cilea Hart Isle (HI) Sgreccia (Sgr.) POPULATION
Mangano Hart Isle (HI) Sgreccia (Sgr.) POPULATION
Leoni Hart Isle (HI) Sgreccia (Sgr.) POPULATION
Valadi Hart Isle (HI) Sgreccia (Sgr.) POPULATION
Basile Hart Isle (HI) Sgreccia (Sgr.) POPULATION
Scelsi Hart Isle (HI) Caffarra (Cfr.) POPULATION
Gardella Hart Isle (HI) Caffarra (Cfr.) POPULATION
Mendini Hart Isle (HI) Caffarra (Cfr.) POPULATION
Michelucci Hart Isle (HI) Caffarra (Cfr.) POPULATION
Portoghesi Hart Isle (HI) Caffarra (Cfr.) POPULATION
Aymonino Hart Isle (HI) Bovone (Bvn.) POPULATION
Samona Hart Isle (HI) Bovone (Bvn.) POPULATION
San Scarpa Hart Isle (HI) Bovone (Bvn.) POPULATION
Terragni Hart Isle (HI) Bovone (Bvn.) POPULATION
Artusi Hart Isle (HI) Bovone (Bvn.) POPULATION
Mollino Hart Isle (HI) Laghi (Lgh.) POPULATION
Petrini Hart Isle (HI) Laghi (Lgh.) POPULATION
Gabbugiani Hart Isle (HI) Laghi (Lgh.) POPULATION
Tutiani Hart Isle (HI) Laghi (Lgh.) POPULATION
Alimeni Hart Isle (HI) Laghi (Lgh.) POPULATION
Ponti Hart Isle (HI) Quarracino (Qcn.) POPULATION
Chiariglione Hart Isle (HI) Quarracino (Qcn.) POPULATION
Ascanio Hart Isle (HI) Quarracino (Qcn.) POPULATION
Forlanini Hart Isle (HI) Quarracino (Qcn.) POPULATION
Terzi Hart Isle (HI) Quarracino (Qcn.) POPULATION