Conflict of Interest Resolution

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Conflict of Interest Resolution
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced on30 March 2019
Introduced byCourelli
Required majoritySimple majority
Status: Pending

WHEREAS many residents of the Social Liberal Union also reside in other regions, and may hold elected or appointed office in those regions; and

WHEREAS, without full disclosure of potential conflicts of interest, the residents of the Social Liberal Union may not be served by those whose primary concern is the Social Liberal Union; and

WHEREAS disclosure and transparency of potentially competing interests fosters trust in public officials;


  • The term "Public Officials" be defined as "all elected and appointed officials within the Social Liberal Union, as set forth in the Constitution or by law;"
  • The term "Positions of Interest" be defined as "governmental positions in other regions, leadership or membership in any organizations, or any other titles received;"
  • All Member States seeking public office are encouraged to disclose any Positions of Interest to the Open Parliament upon accepting a nomination for such office, or shortly thereafter;
  • All incumbent public officials are encouraged to inform the Open Parliament of any Position of Interest acquired during their term as a public official, and to do so promptly upon the acquisition of such Position;
  • The provisions of this Resolution shall not be construed to require the disclosure of interpersonal relationships that are unrelated to governmental positions, associations, or activities.