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Chancellor of the
Social Liberal Union
Chancellor Seal.png
Seal of the Chancellor
Erynia Flag.svg
Erynia and Draconia

since 13 January 2022
Judicial Branch of the SLU Government
Member ofLaw Commission
AppointerOpen Parliament
Term lengthFive Months
Renewable once consecutively
Constituting instrumentSLU Constitution
Inaugural holderMons Garle
Formation20 May 2017 CE
(5 years ago)

The Chancellor is a constitutional office created with the passage of the Third Constitution of the Social Liberal Union. The powers and duties of the Chancellor are mainly outlined in Article 9 of the Constitution. The Chancellor is the presiding officer of the Court of Justice, head of the judicial branch, and serves as the Vice Chair of the Law Commission. The Chancellor is elected for a five month term, and no nation can be elected more than twice consecutively.

The position of Chancellor was created with the passage of the Third Constitution, consolidating the powers of the Parliamentary, Executive, and Free Justice positions which previously oversaw the Court. The Justice positions were abolished at that point to increase judicial efficiency.