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Cabinet of the
Social Liberal Union
SLU Executive Branch
Seal of the Cabinet
World Assembly Delegate
Minister of Domestic Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Minister of Immigration
Third Constitution of the Social Liberal Union

The Cabinet of the Social Liberal Union is the principal executive organ of the Social Liberal Union. It is comprised of the World Assembly Delegate, who oversees its affairs, as well as all Ministers. Its members are all also members of the Administration. Its individual members possess various kinds of executive authorities in their own right, as provided by the Constitution and the laws of the region. Its collective powers and duties are mainly outlined in Article 7 of the Constitution, and include the following:

  • Collectively determining regional policy
  • Resolving electoral ties after all ballot preference redistributions are exhausted
  • Enacting Executive Orders, which have the force of law
  • Overriding a veto of a ministerial policy decision by the Delegate, via a secret ballot vote of the Cabinet

Several notable statutory powers of the Cabinet include:

  • Sitting, ex officio, as a board of administration overseeing and issuing rules regarding the original 'Social Liberal Union' region and its founder account
  • Creating regional offences (crimes) via executive order only when "necessary for the security of the region," with any resulting convictions being automatically expunged once the order expires unless the offence is authorized to continue by an Act of Parliament

Each of the four members of the Cabinet have one vote in such votes as it is required to take, and a Cabinet tie would be resolved by the Speaker of the Union's tiebreaking vote, who is constitutionally-entitled to be privy to its proceedings and decisions, along with the three Trustees of the Founder Nation.

Members of the Cabinet

Assumed office
Toonela Flag.svg
World Assembly Delegate 4 February 2022
Helvurium Flag.svg
Minister of Domestic Affairs 23 October 2021
Goncar Flag.svg
Minister of Foreign Affairs 6 August 2019
Courelli Flag.svg
Minister of Immigration 13 January 2022