August 2019 Speaker of the Union election

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August 2019 Speaker of the Union election
← March 2019 30 July 2019 (2019-07-30) - 6 August 2019 (2019-08-06) December 2019–January 2020 →

Member States eligible to vote
Majority of votes needed to win
Turnout17 voters (Steady)
  Ramelia Flag.svg Brys Questions Flag.png
Candidate Ramelia Brys Questions
Popular votes 13 3
Percentage 81.25% 18.75%

Speaker before election

Courelli (Elected)
Helvurium (Acting)

Elected Speaker


Nominations and campaigning began 21 July 2019 and concluded 28 July 2019; voting lasted from 30 July to 6 August (due to the positioning of this election and the Ministerial elections relative to the August 2019 Chancellor election, a lawsuit was brought which delayed voting's beginning by two days. Courelli served as Election Administrator. Ramelia was nominated and accepted on 21 July and Brys Questions did the same on 22 July. Both Ramelia and Brys Questions issued campaign platforms. Ramelia received 13 votes and was duly elected 15th Speaker of the Union; Brys Questions received 3. There was 1 abstention and 2 invalid votes.[1]

There was a debate held between the candidates in this election, moderated by Courelli. The transcript of that debate is below.