August 2015 World Assembly Delegate election

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August 2015 World Assembly Delegate election
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Member States eligible to vote
Majority of votes needed to win
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Candidate Northern Inertia
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Delegate before election


Elected Delegate

Northern Inertia

Nominations and campaigning for the position of World Assembly Delegate opened on 31 July 2015. The incumbent Delegate, Anaaxes, was ineligible for re-election to the office due to term limits. Due to Northern Inertia being the only candidate that was nominated, they assumed office in an acting capacity until such time that at least one more candidate emerged to hold an election, which never occurred. Although never being technically elected to the office, Northern Inertia is still regarded as the 9th World Assembly Delegate due to the length of their tenure as Acting Delegate (pursuant to the Constitution), and the terms of the Executive Order of 12 August 2015 issued by the outgoing Anaaxes Cabinet. Their delegacy and the Northern Inertian Constitutional Period began on 14 August 2015 once Anaaxes' elected term and the constitutional transition period ended.[1]

Chameliya nominated Anaaxes on 31 July, which was seconded by Mons Garle, but they declined the nomination that day due to term limits. Anaaxes nominated Northern Inertia on the 31st, which was also seconded by Mons Garle, and they accepted the nomination that day. Chameliya nominated Westerheim on 8 August, but they declined the nomination that day due to them being ejected from the World Assembly.[2]