Attorney General

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Attorney General of the
Social Liberal Union
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Seal of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs
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since 3 June 2020
Executive Branch of the SLU Government
Ministry of Domestic Affairs
Department of Justice
AppointerMinister of Domestic Affairs
Term lengthNo fixed term;
at the pleasure of the Minister
Constituting instrumentSLU Constitution (May 2017–)
Formation20 May 2017
(3 years ago)

The Attorney General is the officer generally charged with prosecutions on the behalf of the government, as well as making legal defenses of the same. These duties are delegated by the Minister of Domestic Affairs (their appointer) and the Cabinet as a whole. The Attorney General may also provide general legal counsel to the Government. Their office and duties are outlined primarily in the Third Constitution of the Social Liberal Union and the Civil Service Act, which creates a Department of Justice for the Attorney General to chair and permits for deputy attorneys general.