Anticipated Election Timetable

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The Anticipated Election Timetable is maintained courtesy of the Speaker of the Union pursuant to the Voting Reform and Fair Political Practices Act and provides anticipated term and election start and end dates at least one year into the future. It assumes vacancies and subsequent early elections, as well as extended elections due to insufficient candidates, will not occur. Further, the law provides some flexibility, as well as various timing requirements, on the part of the Election Administrator, such as:

  • The nomination period for all regular elections cannot begin any earlier than 21 days but no later than 14 days before the expiration of the current term for that office, or, no later than 5 days following a vacancy in that office. Ministerial elections should begin as fast as possible after a Delegate election concludes.
  • The voting period for regular or approval (extended) elections may start no later than 2 days following the conclusion of the nomination period of the same election and no later than 7 days before the conclusion of the incumbent elected officer's term, if applicable.
  • Nomination periods for different offices, whenever feasible, should be concurrent and should not be partially or wholly concurrent with a voting period for another office.
Office Last Election Next Election Subsequent Election Twice Subsequent Election
Election Concluded Nominations Begin Voting Begins Election Concludes Nominations Begin Voting Begins Election Concludes Nominations Begin Voting Begins Election Concludes
World Assembly Delegate
(112 day term)
4 February 2022 13 May 2022 20 May 2022 27 May 2022 2 September 2022 9 September 2022 16 September 2022 23 December 2022 30 December 2022 6 January 2023
Speaker of the Union
(140 day term)
9 November 2021 15 March 2022 22 March 2022 29 March 2022 2 August 2022 9 August 2022 16 August 2022 20 December 2022 27 December 2022 3 January 2023
(140 day term)
13 January 2022 19 May 2022 26 May 2022 2 June 2022 6 October 2022 13 October 2022 20 October 2022 23 February 2023 2 March 2023 9 March 2023