Amendment 3 to the Offences and Sentencing Act

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Amendment 3 to the Offences and Sentencing Act
Amendment 2
CitationPAa-3 to A-24
Considered byOpen Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced on30 June 2019
Introduced byRamelia
Required majoritySimple majority
Status: Pending

This Act Amendment makes improvements to the Act, including permitting prosecutors to seek conviction at a lower level of offence than is statutorily listed.

Section 1. Prosecution for Lesser Class of Offence

A section entitled "Prosecution for lesser class of offence" shall be appended to Article 2 of the Offences and Sentencing Act, to read as follows:

The officer prosecuting a state or states shall have the discretion to, in the relevant indictment or in subsequent statements prior to voting on conviction, notify the Court that it seeks conviction for a lower class of offence than is statutorily set.

Section 2. Typo Correction

In the schedule provided for in Article 2, Section 1, the text of the seventh column in the first row shall be amended to read as follows:

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