Amendment 1 to the T-5 Ratification Resolution

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Amendment 1 to the T-5 Ratification Resolution
CitationProposed Ra-1 to R-16
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Legislative history
Introduced on27 December 2019
Introduced byAnaaxes
Required majoritySimple majority
Status: Pending

This Amendment to the Resolution that ratified the Social Liberal Union's accession into the Interregional Legislative Coalition provides for the winding up of its affairs, dissolution, and for related purposes.

The following paragraph shall be appended after the last sentence of the Resolution, to read as follows:

The Delegate and Minister of Foreign Affairs, in the performance of their ordinary constitutional duties related to foreign relations, may negotiate and arrange for all needful preparations which they determine to be proper to wind up the affairs of, withdraw the Social Liberal Union from, and dissolve the Interregional Legislative Coalition, as well as perform all lawful acts necessary to effectuate the same. Thereafter, the Cabinet may by the constitutional majority of its members, by executive order officially proclaim the withdraw and dissolution, which proclamation shall be deemed final and conclusive evidence of the same. This Resolution shall then become a spent enactment and T-5 shall be considered terminated and un-ratified by operation of law.