Amendment 1 to the T-5 Ratification Resolution

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Amendment 1 to the T-5 Ratification Resolution
CitationRa-1 to R-16
Enacted byOpen Parliament
Date enacted21 February 2020
Legislative history
Introduced on27 December 2019
Introduced byAnaaxes
Voting began16 February 2020
Required majoritySimple majority
Vote results11 Yea, 0 Nay, 0 Abstain[1]
Status: Passed

This Amendment to the Resolution which ratified the Social Liberal Union's accession into the Interregional Legislative Coalition provides for its repeal and proclaims the dissolution of the Interregional Legislative Coalition as a subject of interregional law.

Section 1. Repeal of Ratifying Resolution

R-16: T-5 Ratification Resolution is hereby repealed in its entirety, and, accordingly T-5: On the Accession of the Social Liberal Union into the Interregional Legislative Coalition shall cease to be considered ratified by operation of the Constitution.

Section 2. Proclamation of Dissolution

The Open Parliament finds and declares that as a consequence of the withdrawal of all or nearly all other member regions of the Interregional Legislative Coalition, it has effectively ceased to function for all practical purposes. Therefore, upon the enactment of this Amendment, the Open Parliament decrees that as a matter of domestic and interregional law, the Interregional Legislative Coalition is dissolved and its remaining assets, if any, shall escheat to the Social Liberal Union.