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Administration of the
Social Liberal Union
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Seal of the Open Parliament
Constituting instrumentSLU Constitution

The Administration of the Social Liberal Union is composed of the set of officers most influential upon SLU policymaking. It is comprised of the World Assembly Delegate, who oversees its affairs, all Ministers, all Deputy Ministers, the Speaker of the Union, and the Founder. Its primary purpose is joint private discussions; most powers are reserved to its individual members or to the Cabinet.

Members of the Administration

Assumed office
Toonela Flag.svg
World Assembly Delegate 4 February 2022
Anaaxes Flag.svg
Speaker of the Union 9 November 2021
Helvurium Flag.svg
Minister of Domestic Affairs 23 October 2021
Goncar Flag.svg
Minister of Foreign Affairs 6 August 2019
Courelli Flag.svg
Minister of Immigration 13 January 2022
Koiho Flag.svg
Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs 23 October 2021
North American Republics
North American Republics Flag.svg
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs 23 February 2022
Lost Slokasians
Lost Slokasians Flag.svg
Deputy Minister of Immigration 23 February 2022